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Something is a musical project. It uses organs and guitars and horns and violins and drums and xylophones and an old valve radio and pianos and he sings a lot also.

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There are at least four acts under Edison name: 1) American rock band, Edison,
2) Mysterious one man act from Japan, responsible for the animated adaptation of the BLACK LAGOON manga, EDISON.
3) Australian screamo/emo band from Woodend, Victoria.
4) Beat juggler out of San Francisco, CA and signed to Kid Without Radio label, 1) Edison: Ethan Isaac — Vocals Jonathan Svec — Guitar Joel Kelley — Guitar Todd Budich — Drums Anton Kreisl — Bass

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It all started back in 1998 when Dave, Stuart, Brian and Rams met up in a shady rehearsal studio in an effort to get all the surplus energy and anger out of our collective system. After four practices the chance came to play a couple of shows with Vanilla Pod and being the idiots that we are, we drunkenly agreed. I guess that was kinda when we were born for real - More shows followed throughout the UK and Ireland with the like of Diesel Boy, UK Subs, Shelter, Lost Prophets, Real McKenzies, 999, Turtlehead, Fireapple Red, The Dangerfields, No Comply, Even In Blackouts etc.

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Teeth!!! (Spelt with 3 exclamation marks) are Veronica So (lead vox), Ximon Tayki (electronica/ vox) & Simon Whybray (drums vox). Veronica & Simon started the band after splitting from experimental noise/ improv / performance group "Little Paper Squares". Simon Whybray later joined the band adding live drums. Their style consists of live improv jams to ‘grunge dance’ Recent actions include a tour of the west coast and a signing to UK indie label Moshi Moshi Records.

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Female Band

female band is minimal, both in its sound and personnel with russian born, anastasia vtorova currently the sole member. the haunting almost hypnotic sound relies on a strong experimental use of instruments, incorporating ambient, drone and electronica influences into something overall much more rhythmic and enchanting. these 5 tracks captured here present female bands first collection of recorded work. rain song is the lead track from 'goodbye new york forever' perfectly demonstrating female bands soft, delicate song writing. a hushed vocal floats over atmospheric noise and bass guitar.

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Winter people

Winter People are a six piece hailing from Sydney, Australia. The band described their sound as "Post-Rock Folk music, blending the harmonies of the old world, with the distortions of the new. Songs of the modern wilderness". The group was formed in 2008 and recorded their debut 'The Dog Years EP' in early 2009. The band took a highly DIY approach, with songwriter Dylan Baskind recording, mixing and producing the tracks.

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The Horses of Instruction

..Like the feeling you get from thinking about infinity for too long, or worrying about asteroids striking the earth as you stand there washing dishes.
Their new EP 'Atlas' contains songs about disgruntled mythical figures, comforting attitudes about the universe, and exploding planets.
some of The Horses of Instruction have also appeared as part of The Gresham Flyers and Telley

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Six Hands

Influenced by bands such as Fugazi, Battles, Bronze, Maps and Atlases, Karate and others, these three guys end up with a sound that is best described as some sort of mixture between post- and mathrock. Forging different ideas and influences into songs, Six Hands sound like happy tunes to dance to. The new 2012 EP features a move to a faster pace, yet keeping the melodies at the center of the songs.

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