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Bad Sports

Hailing from Denton, Texas, Bad Sports are a band whose music is a powerful fusion of punk rock velocity and attitude, hard rock guitar raunch, and power pop hooks. Influenced by old-school punk bands like the Ramones and the Buzzcocks as well as the '70s hard rock that's an unavoidable presence in their home town, Bad Sports feature Orville Neeley (also a member of OBN IIIs) on guitar and vocals, TV's Daniel Fried (who also plays in Wax Museums) on bass and vocals, and Gregory Rutherford (also doing double duty in Wax Museums) on drums.

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Nacional are a relaxing indie band from Glasgow not to be confused with The National. They formed in November 2006. They are on the Leeds label Art Goes Pop. Band members are Robert Armstrong, Jamie Hamilton, Michael O’Hara, Jonny McGiffen and Colin Healy.

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Gravedigger V

The Gravedigger V started as The Shamen by singer Leighton Koizumi, 16, and 15 yr old bassist Chris Gast, and included ace guitarist Ted Friedman, 16, punk-rock drummer, Matt, (last name and whereabouts unknown,) replaced by the spectacular drummer Dave Anderson. Rounding up this line-up of strange beings was enigmatic guitarist John Hanrattie. Informed at gig #1 that The Shamen was taken as a name, (by about a zillion bands worldwide), the group sat at Bob's Big Boy for hours coming up with a replacement name.

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The Pheromoans

The Pheromoans are a "High Energy Rock 'n' Roll"- Band from Bad Wildbad/Black Forest in Germany! The Pheromoans were founded in spring 2006 by former bandmates of the thrashmetal band "D.F.G" and the garage rock band "Coy". Since September 2006 they are supported by the former lead guitarist of the hardcore act "Devil May Care". The current lineup is:
Marcel Cumalot (vocals and rhythm guitar)
Jeff Blitz (lead guitar)
Mario Zetcher (drums)

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The Hipshakes, The Last Next Big Thing from England according to Goner Records! Andrew, Daniel and Bruce bought instruments and formed The Hipshakes at the age of 16 and ‘learned’ to play them. Now, 6 years later they are here to unleash ‘songs’ on people. Having been cruelly rejected by most people in their own country they follow the footsteps of the Real Losers and Black Time, off their boring isle to more exciting locations around the Globe.

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There are 2 bands with the name Protex:
1) A punk band from Belfast, Ireland, formed in 1978.
2) A punk band from Cluj, Romania, formed in 1993. 1) In 1977, four schoolfriends formed the Incredibly Boring Band and did a few gigs playing covers of Thin Lizzy and Dr Feelgood songs. However, they were soon smitten by the punk bug and decided that they wanted to play energic pop like the Buzzcocks and the Ramones.

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Cocktail Slippers

This foxy female fivesome from Oslo, Norway, is the perfect mixture of sweet and sour, combining girl-group harmonies and sass with gritty rock 'n' roll fervor to produce a high-octane hybrid that should have all the hepcats dancing. The ladies, whose CD happens to be one of the first releases from Steven Van Zandt's new label, comprise more than just an all-female version of early, hard-rocking Blondie. This is a non-standard garage-hard rock-surf-pop band that manages to mix up the formula to keep things fresh.

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Iggy and the Stooges

Really no different than The Stooges, but the artist name changed to Iggy and the Stooges (to make frontman Iggy Pop's name more conspicuous as he was clearly the most recognizable name in the band) for the 1973 album Raw Power and the live document of songs culled from two shows (including their final live performance in their original incarnation in February 1974) called Metallic K.O. Otherwise, see the biography for The Stooges for more information on the band.

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