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Z Stacks

Originating from Medway, Z Stacks made their live debut in August 2010.
Mixing Garage, Blues & Punk, Z Stacks songs are highly infectious and easily encourage the crowd to have fun, dance and chant.
Before 2011 is done, Z Stacks plan to have their Debut EP completed and released.
They confidently expect world domination to swiftly follow. Members include; Spike Direction - Vocals
Wild Johnny Bubonic - Guitar
Rick "The Silver Machine" Falconer - Guitar
Cyanide Jones - Bass

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No Problem

No Problem is a punk band form Alberta, Canada.
Sounds like: A zit exploding in your greasy ear hole. And unicorns mating in a wooded glen with squirrels just watching.
Ian-Drums and sledding...he;s really good, Steve-Shredding axe, eater of chips and smoker of darts, Graeme-Axe, vocals, trying really hard but failing so miserably that everyone just points and laughs at the freak, Matt-Bass and Dancing with the household cats.

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Johnny and the Deathrays

Johnny and the Deathrays is an punk band, formed in South London, England (I guess) in August 2010, consisting of Fletch (guitar, vocals), Scruff (drums, vocals), and Mat of Cold Megan fame (bass, vocals). They released their E.P. Antidote to Slow Pain in October 2010.

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Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys are a hardcore punk/punk rock band from San Francisco, California. During the 1980s the band gained a large underground following in the international punk music scene. Their music mixed the more experimental elements of English 1970s punk with the raw energy of the 1980s American scene. Dead Kennedys' songs mix the deliberately shocking lyrics of punk with a satirical and sarcastic left-wing commentary on social and political issues.

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Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards' story starts in Dayton, Ohio, where Wennerstrom found the name on a multiple choice video trivia game at a bar. As a songwriting teenager during a time when Guided by Voices and Brainiac were packing local bars and three of The Breeders were still in town, Wennerstrom used to sneak into clubs to check out the scene. "I would just see those people—my music heroes—hanging out at the bar like everyone else," she remembers. "I could see myself in them. It gave me inspiration to do my own thing."

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White Denim

White Denim is a bluesy, garage-rock trio, hailing from Austin, Texas. In March 2005, the two bands Parque Touch (Josh Block, James Petralli, Lucas Anderson) and Peach Train (Steve Terebecki) played a show together at Beerland in Austin, Texas. After the show Steve was asked to play bass for Parque Touch and the band became four, playing under the pseudonyms Byshop Massive (Lucas), Bop English (James), Nicholas Mallard (Josh), and Terry Beckins (Steve); however, in February 2006...

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