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The Absentees

USA punk band from Long Beach, California.
Formed in 1978 as The Absentee Concept, they would later shorten their name to The Absentees.
In 1981 the band released a 7" single "Tryin' To Mess With Me" / "F.U.M." which would become, in the 1990's, the most sought after Californian punk single.
The band originally split in 1983 but reformed in the late 1990's.

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Too Much Pressure

Quien lo iba a decir. Cuando cinco chicos de Santander (Cantabria), entraron por primera vez en un local de ensayo all

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Right Idea

Right Idea is a hardcore band from Cleveland Ohio. They take the best parts of 80s straight edge hardcore bands and blend them together for maximum excitement! The songs are fast and the lyrics are cool and can be related to by the everyday dude. http://if-you-cared.blogspot.com/

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The Senton Bombs

A popular and hugely entertaining 3 piece punk rock 'n' roll band from the punk capital of Blackpool, Bispham Rock City. So far they have released 4 excellent eps, available from their myspace site. the latest of which is 2007's "From Parts Unknown". The band are legendary for being one of the best live bands in the north-west, and are a must-see while they're still touring the smaller venues.

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Hell Is For Heroes

Hell Is For Heroes were a British band who formed in Camden, London, in September 2000. Will McGonagle and Joe Birch were previously in the band Symposium. After leaving their record label EMI in 2004 following the Payola scandal, they released their second album independently before signing a deal with Burning Heart Records, who subsequently re-released it in 2006. The band's third (self-titled) album was released in June 2007. September 2000 Hell is For Heroes formed
January 2001 1st gig at the Half Moon, Putney

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Justin Sane

Justin Sane is the lead guitarist and singer of the political punk rock band Anti-Flag. He has released two solo pieces to date; a 6 song EP entitled "These are the Days" and "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Justice" in 2003. These recordings generally focus on love, family, and more everyday concepts rather than the politically charged stance of Anti-Flag. He is currently working on a new solo record, and has begun to preview new tracks during live performances.

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The Copyrights

Formed in 2002, The Copyrights are a band hailing from Carbondale, Southern Illinois made up of Brett Hunter (vocals, guitar) Jeff Funburg (vocals, guitar), Adam Fletcher (vocals, bass), and Luke McNeill (drums). They have released five full-length albums and four EPs and are currently signed to Red Scare Industries. Their latest album, North Sentinel Island, was released August 9th, 2011.

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The Coroners

The Coroners are a rock band from Birmingham, England. The group was formed from a love of old school punk rock outfits, 1980s electronic and pop music and a increasingly eclectic miscellany inbetween. Summer '06 marked the studio debut for the band as they entered the studio with producer Paul Gray to complete this two track EP - the lead track, 'Still Sorry', available to listen to via last.fm and receiving much interest so far including a favourable review fom indiependent music zine - "Forget what you know about punk meets electronic - The Coroners show us the way to do it right.

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Texas Terri

See also:
-Texas Terri Bomb!
-Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones Texas Terri, born Terri Laird is an American punk rock singer and songwriter originally from Austin, Texas. She has been in the rock 'n' roll business for over two decades. Terri has been compared to Iggy Pop, Lux Interior, Mick Jagger and Wendy O Williams amongst others by the music press. Like Williams, who coincidentally committed suicide on Terri's birthday, she has developed a reputation for wild...

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