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There are more artists with this name:
#1 Daisy, a Finnish band
#2 Daisy, a female DJ
#3 Daisy, a Swedish singer (known earlier as Starclub)
#4 Daisy, a Norwegian band
#5 Daisy, a Mongolian singer
#6 Daisy, a Croatian band (#1)
Daisy has been together in this form since 1999, when Matti Ikonen (keyboards) joined the group. As soon as he joined, after about 6 gigs, Thomas (vocals, guitar) left for England to study. This brought the band to a near standstill for three years.

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Rachel Harrington

Reared among the Pentecostal pines of Oregon, Rachel Harrington has been doing things in the wrong order for quite some time. She'd had extensive radio play before performing her live show, and she was opening for Grammy winners and nominees before releasing her first record. Now, hot on the heels of her critically acclaimed 2007 debut, The Bootlegger's Daughter, Rachel presents CITY OF REFUGE. Her backing band on the recording is TIM O'BRIEN (fiddle), Mike Grigoni (dobro), Zak Borden (mandolin), and Jon Hamar (upright), with Holly O'Reilly and Pieta Brown on backing vocals.

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Martha Rose

Martha Rose got a guitar in January 2007, wrapped up in Newspaper. She taught herself to play and wrote some songs, and then she met a banjo player called Ben. They play in Brighton, Oxford, London and Manchester, always looking for new friends to make music with. Martha sings about love, loss, sadness and beauty, and anything else that catches her eye. x

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Caroline Martin

Bristol born Caroline Martin started writing and recording in 1996. At this point in her life she was living on the edge of Wentwood Forest in South Wales. With her dog for company, Caroline drew on her surroundings, the isolation and memories from her childhood upbringing in Yate to write her stories of loss, fear and revenge. Caroline released her debut 5 track EP - Young Tender Rabbit Meat - on her own label in 1998.

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Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman’s first encounter with her artistic self came as a child sashaying across her mother and father’s paint strewn studio floor. The daughter of iconic Australian artist Charles Blackman, not many musicians can boast a foundation of emotional expression like Bertie.

Bertie first stepped onto the scene with ‘Headway’ (2004), her folk-inspired debut album. The single ‘Favourite Jeans’ became Bertie’s radio breakthrough and saw her dubbed “Australia’s underground queen”.

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BabaJack was born out of a love of blues, acoustic and roots music. Bec and Trev are a songwriting duo, with their roots firmly in acoustic blues, folk and country. Their music reflects their life together in the Gloucestershire countryside (UK) with their children, woodworking, growing and raising. They are truly a modern, English take on the blues. They met each other 7 years ago, after a well travelled life—from Africa to Soviet Russia.

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Casey Edward Denman

Casey Edward Denman is a musician and songwriter currently based on the South East Coast of England. After years of moving between the outer environs and bustle of London, Brighton and Scotland, he finally settled in the small seaside town of Eastbourne where his music had the space to fully bloom and come to fruition.

Casey grew up in a musical environment and began playing music at a young age. He exhibited a natural flair for stringed instruments, most notably the guitar and banjo, then later grew to include the balalaika, saz, and mandolin amongst his repertoire.

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Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn, (pronounced "CO-burn"), has had a long and distinguished career with much success in his native Canada. His first albums were fairly straight ahead folk music spotlighting his brilliant guitar playing. In fact, there were a good number of instrumental guitar numbers on those early recordings. A Christian element came into his music around the time of the album Salt, Sun And Time, and over time his writing has taken on a stronger and stronger political orientation.

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Circus Sands

Freshly formed in Spring 2009, Circus Sands are a group of banjo-toting, ukulele strumming youths, the six-piece line up bringing together some brilliant musicians and all-round nice people. In fact, they're so nice that they're offering you their first single, 'Not This Time/The Life You Lead' for free download here. The single, by turns a a gentle ode to lost love and a raucous cossack romp, is a perfect sampler of the dynamically folk-tastic Circus Sands sound.

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