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Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span formed in 1969 from members of Fairport Convention and out of the ashes of Sweeney's Men creating a distinctive fusion of both British folk with electric rock music. The resulting first version of the band was formed by ex-Fairport bassist Ashley Hutchings and built around two pairs of vocalists, one English, one Irish, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior and Terry and Gay Woods. Rhythm was to be supplied largely by Hutchings' bass, and without drums.

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Fos Brothers

The FOS Brothers are Dave and Sam McCrory from East Belfast, N.Ireland, joined by Rom Dobbs an innovative drummer / percussionist from the South West of England.
Together they create a unique soundscape of acoustic music heavily influenced by their Irish roots.
"The FOS brothers have played on our stage at Glastonbury every year for the last 10 years and still pack the house with their superb musicianship and sublime vocals. I used to be a nun until I heard Sam sing - now I'm a monk!!
Take every chance that you get to see these guys - they are worth it every time"

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Melodica, Melody and Me

This is from their Myspace page (, "Hello! We are Melodica, Melody & Me. Bringing you wholesome melodies and skanky drops.".
When I listen to them, I get an image of Bob Marley and Paul Simon leaning on a gate at woodstock while chewing a piece of straw and talking about tractors or something like that.... I have a weird imagination though..... but to sum it up I would kind of say hippie and reggae with an indie flow to it - very relaxed and chilled but with a rythm 'n beat and lyrics that draw you in.

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Nic Jones

Nic Jones is one of the most enduring artists to come out of the 70s English folk revival. Although he originally styled himself as a folk singer, his fame rests largely on his skill as a guitarist and in composing memorable arrangements for traditional songs. He was born in 1947 in England in the town of Orpington, Kent. His early musical interests included acts like Ray Charles and The Shadows. He first learned to play guitar while at school. His interest in folk music was aroused by some old school friends who had formed into a folk band called the Halliard.

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Morris On

Morris On was a project of British folk-rock musician Ashley Hutchings, celebrating the traditions surrounding morris dancing. Hutchings was joined by a who's who of English folk-rock for a one-off self-titled album in 1972, including John Kirkpatick (vocals, button accordion, concertina, harmonium, tambourine), Richard Thompson (vocals, electric guitar), Barry Dransfield (vocals, violin, acoustic guitar), Dave Mattacks (drums, tambourine), while Hutchings handled vocals and bass guitar.

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Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band

Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band have been teaming up since 1982 to revive interest in traditional carols and hymns and 18th century drinking songs. The band and Maddy Prior of course have their own separate projects and only work together from time to time. For more information see (c.f. Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.)

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