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Jim Black

Jim Black has been playing drums for twenty-eight years. Born in 1967, he grew up in Seattle, WA, playing music ranging from garage rock to big band swing. In 1985 he went to Boston, MA to attend the Berklee College of Music. During this time he recorded numerous albums, performed in Europe and taught summer classes at Berklee. In 1991 he moved to Brooklyn, NY, and has since become one of the most in demand drummers in the jazz/new music scene today.

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There are multiple artists with this name
1. A British pop group
2. A Eurobeat singer
3. An American R&B singer
4. An American rapper and DJ
5. An alias of Tyler, the Creator 1) Ace were a British rock music band, who enjoyed moderate success in the 1970s. They are notable for their part in the early career of Paul Carrack, who later became famous as a solo artist, and as a member of several other groups. The band was formed in December 1972 as Ace Flash And The Dynamos, but this name was quickly abbreviated to just Ace. -- Wikipedia.

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Gary Go

Hello, welcome to my LastFM page! The most popular first question people ask when they meet someone new seems to be "what do you do?". Hello I'm Gary Go. This is some text about me. I write songs, record them and perform them to live human people. I was born and raised in London, England. I'm often looking for a line . I love listening to music - all sorts as long as it's honest and meaningful. I spend most of my time either in my studio The Canvas Room, making sounds or making sounds in front of people, possibly while standing on a stage.

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the night the night was a solo project, focussed on incorporating and recording guest musicians. An EP was released in 2008 via iTunes and some sales and fans were recruited. A band finally formed in mid 2011, The members of the band brought their own influences and experience, and made the music evolve into what it is today. They recorded their first album independently in December 2011 at Jungle Studios.

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The Underachievers

The Underachievers are a hip-hop duo from Flatbush Avenue, NY consisting of Issa Dash (@ISSA_GOLD) and AK (@iunderachieve). They are currently signed to Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder and released their debut mixtape INDIGOISM on February 1, 2013. These guys are lookin to spark a revolution in this rap game, and just in time seeing as the Age of Enlightenment is upon us.

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Jonathan Snee

Jonathan Snee was gifted his first guitar in 2001, at the age of 12, and spent the next few years playing in various short lived punk and school bands. After his first real band broke up he formed an acoustic duo with the singer from that band under the moniker The Shot Heard 'Round The World. They released a demo and played a handful of hometown shows before going their separate ways. Jonathan decided to continue stylistically from where The Shot Heard left off.

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Jerk Test

Jerk Test is a collaborative studio project consisting of original music produced by Entropy Park, which is sometimes remoulded / remixed by Miles Perhower (of Perhower) who provides distinctive lyrics / vocals for each piece. Jerk Test have released their first EP "Jerk Party" via Drummer "Rose of Bearwood" and keyboard player "Fiboard" have joined the original duo, enabling Jerk Test to perform live.

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"JDP's flow is infectious and the beats are bangin' and, really, what else do you need to get people going?" -URB Magazine" Chicago Music Artist JDP, has been making music since 15. From selling mixtapes out of his backpack to having his "Air Raid" project placing him in URB Magazines Next 100 issue in 2009. In 2006, while attending Columbia College Chicago, JDP formed Flyy City Media Group with partner Jay Torres, and built a buzz performing with major recording acts such as Rich Boy, Shawnna, Cap-1, GLC, Yung Joc & HotStylez, The Cool Kids and Gemini.

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