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TMT, a short form for "Tobsen, MP³, Trapman", is a german hip hop combo. They come from Osnabrück, a town in Lower Saxony in the north of Germany. Their lyrics are full of metaphors and puns, they belong to the corner of more or less intellectual rap music. Tags: 
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There are three artists by this name: 1) Dark minimal/synth from US, most of their tracks are very instrumental. 2) Vogue is an amazing hardcore band formed from the remnants of Turn The Screw, with the addition of frontman Bounce. 3) Vogue is a UK female dance trio. This is the band whose tracks appear on this page. 4) Vogue its SICK punk band from Belgium. Jan sang, fok joe guitar, Sam bass and Joris drummed.

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There are at least four acts of the same name. -FOAM are a three-piece garage rock band from Perth, WA. FOAM are best known for their heavy live performances in which they deliver a distorted, swift, and honest sound that feels up the entire audience. With a solid reputation as a strong live band, they’ve played music all over this city with bands such as DZ Deathrays, Sugar Army, The Novocaines and Catch them this November for the Perth support of Bleeding Knees Club. Key influences include the musical giants of the 90’s, as well as surf, punk rock and Dido.

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There are most certainly many Axels. 1.) Latin Pop singer. From all music guide:
"Born in Rafael Calzada, a small town in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Axel Fernando began playing the piano at an early age, even gaining acceptance into the national conservatory, though he initially ended up deciding he would rather concentrate on more classic scholastic training. This didn't last too long, however; at 17 he realized it was music he truly wanted to pursue, and began practicing and looking for work.

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Captain are an English band from London, UK, who formed in early 2005. They perform a range of alternative pop songs, getting their musical influences from groups such as the Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure. The band was signed to EMI achieving minor chart success in 2006 with their singles Broke and Glorious, which reached numbers 34 and 30, respectively on the UK Top 40. Their début album, This Is "Hazelville," reached number 23 on the UK Albums Chart.

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