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The artist name Dreamer could be one of three:
1)Classic christian-metal project of Daniel Band vocalist Dan McCabe.
2)A pop/electro group consisting of band members Alex & Luke. Some of their influences include The Klaxons, Radiohead and Pendulum. Tracks are commonly made available for download on their official myspace page,
3)A gothic metal band from indonesia, current lineup are Bowo (keyboard), Yusuf Permana (bass), Rika Rahayu (vocals), 13Vicky (guitars), Handayani (guitars).

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There are several artists using the name Dizzy:
1. Dizzy band from Finland.
2. Dizzy rapper from South Carolina.
3. Juha Kujanpää, a finnish demoscene musician.
4. DIZZY is a japanese rock band formed in February 2008. (Members: Vo. Mio, Gt. Otsubu Namida, Gt. You, Ba. Shigure, Dr. Pyokotan) OHP Dizzy, consisting of 18-19 year old youngsters, comes from Finland's promised town of hard rock, Lappeenranta. Rakish girls (Satu, Tanja, Piia ja Tiia) and a boy called Jesse play together melodic hard rock that has a visual look spiced up by the mysterious world of manga.

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There are three artists by this name: 1) Dark minimal/synth from US, most of their tracks are very instrumental. 2) Vogue is an amazing hardcore band formed from the remnants of Turn The Screw, with the addition of frontman Bounce. 3) Vogue is a UK female dance trio. This is the band whose tracks appear on this page. 4) Vogue its SICK punk band from Belgium. Jan sang, fok joe guitar, Sam bass and Joris drummed.

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There are several artists using the name Trigger: 1.) Trigger are a rock band (female fronted) from Serbia. They can be found at They have just released their first studio album called 'Ljubav' (Love).
trig•ger I ['trigÁ(r)] n obarac, oroz; cin koji inicira odredjen splet okolnosti to pull a ~ povuci obarac; to cock a ~ zapeti oroz trigger II v tr (colloq.) izazvati, pokrenuti, aktivizirati; to ~ a reaction izazvati reakciju

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There are at least four acts of the same name. -FOAM are a three-piece garage rock band from Perth, WA. FOAM are best known for their heavy live performances in which they deliver a distorted, swift, and honest sound that feels up the entire audience. With a solid reputation as a strong live band, they’ve played music all over this city with bands such as DZ Deathrays, Sugar Army, The Novocaines and Catch them this November for the Perth support of Bleeding Knees Club. Key influences include the musical giants of the 90’s, as well as surf, punk rock and Dido.

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Sense is a name of at least name three acts: 1) A pseudonym of Adam Raisbeck (b. 25 Jun 1974, Melbourne, Australia). Since establishing himself as Soulenoid (early in 1995), he performed numerous times, in Melbourne (Club Filter, Global Warming and the Punters Club), as well as larger one-off parties, such as: the Omniglobe raves, Technofest, Big Day Out, Be Strange and Earthcore. He has also supported international stars, including: Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Aphex Twin, Biochip C., Cylob and the On-U Sound posse.

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1) A Metal band from Montréal, Québec, Canada that release a mini LP in 1993 called "Time Has Come". 2) Norwegian veteran hiphop producer and MC. He started to rap in 1988. He has releasted 5 solo albums and produced several albums for Gatas Parlament but also for Wolverine, Definite, Apollo and lots more. Member of the Norwegian rap crews Alarmclock Connection. 3) German scenemusic composer 4) "Melancholy pop/rock ballads combined with ethereal landscapes and beautiful melodies. Just one of the many ways to describe the 'hard to define' musical style of Auckland band Jester.

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Kb is either:
- One of South Africa's biggest soul vocalists. Her first release outside of South Africa was the spiritual house music gem "El Musica" produced by Osunlade.
- Tammo "KB" Hinrichs, a German demoscene composer -- This is the Candytron artist, along with all of the similar synth sounding songs
- A Japanese composer (KB)

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Transient names at least six musical entities. 1) Transient are a band from Greenville, SC, United States. Forming in the fall of 2010, they started to gain recognition with their debut EP Alone, promoting their own brand of passionate modern hardcore, with strong and ambient melodic guitar riffs. They have released 2 EP's to date, Alone, a 5 song EP in May 2011, and their latest release We Do Not Lose Heart, a 3 song EP in March 2012. Both of these EP's can be downloaded from the bands Bandcamp page, with a donation scheme implemented for both.

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