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It took some doing to get Vinnie Paul into a band again. Nothingface bassist Jerry Montano approached the former Pantera and Damageplan drummer to be part of the all-star outfit Hellyeah several times before Paul (still mourning the December 2004 onstage shooting of his brother, Dimebag Darrell, at a Damageplan show at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio) acquiesced. "I've known Jerry forever," Paul tells Billboard.

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Long Day Fear

Long Day Fear was formed in late October 2008, from the burning embers of the late midlands bands Unleash and Eternal Rage. Richie Tyler, former vocalist for Eternal Rage, contacted Steve Broughton, guitarist from Unleash, and simply explained that he should be the band’s vocalist. Steve, along with bassist Mark Baker and drummer Wilf Williams, were all frustrated with the current state of Unleash, and met with Richie.

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Down is an American Stoner Metal band formed in 1991 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band is a supergroup, comprising members and former members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Superjoint Ritual, Eyehategod and Kingdom of Sorrow. Since its inception, Down has released three studio albums and has gone on hiatus twice to focus on the members' respective bands. Formation and NOLA:
Down formed in 1991 with vocalist/songwriter Phil Anselmo of Pantera...

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Parabellum from Colombia. Being formed in 1981 Parabellum is referred to as the first extreme band from Colombia, and one of the first in South America. Unbelievably evil stuff somewhere between Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Poison (GER) and Bathory, but even more dirty and vicious with some spine-chilling parts. Had a couple of EPs in the 80-s, and in 2005 a compilation, called Tempus Mortis was released.

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There are 2 bands that share the name Disarray. A thrash metal band from Tennessee and a punk band from Japan. 1) In early 1993, Chuck Bonnett assembled the first prototype of Disarray from the local musicians he had grown up and attended school with as a youth in Dickson, Tennessee. His work ethic and drive to do something enduring quickly weeded out the weekenders and hobbyists, and he set to work in earnest that fall.

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Goatwhore is a blackened death metal band from the swamps of New Orleans, LA. They were formed by well known musicians from the Louisiana metal scene. They first came together in 1996/97 when Sammy Duet (former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist) and Zak Nolan (former drummer of Goatwhore, now replaced by Zack Simmons) jammed together as a little sideproject when Acid Bath was taking a break. They soon made some four track demos.

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Dixie Witch

Drawing deep from the well of Southern rock and hard rock in general, Dixie Witch is, fittingly, from Denton, TX. Trinidad Leal (drums and vocals), JT (guitar 2009) - formerly Clayton Mills (guitar 1999-2009), and Curt Christensen (bass) have been playing together since 1999. The trio's first record, Into the Sun, was produced by the band for Texas-based Brainticket Records and released in the summer of 2001.

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