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Zibabu: AKA the dyslective collective. AKA fluorescent flavor failure. AKA schizo-core. AKA powersquat ska, punk reggae, metal, grunge, rock, bossanova slickness. Yeah yeah, a whole lot of shit. It's 'cause we is part of the tv culture, slowly looking what's happening outside of the box. We're opening up to a whole new world of views and possibilities. It seems to be worse than on tv though... The voyage taken with ideals and political views collides with those of most world leaders. No one is born illegal, they're just filed as such.

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King Solomon

King solomon refers to at least three artists: 1. Reggae DJ in the 1980's
2. A rapper
3. A reggae group out of the Madison, Wisconsin area.
4. A soul artist
5. Blues Artist from Mississippi Louisiana Blues and Hot Lick Guitar, blues that tell stories of heartbreak, desperation, and renders a painting of real life that everyone can relate to.
Genre: Blues: Blues Vocals
Release Date: 2004 KING SOLOMON-BLUES TAKE ONE This is the debut album for Johny B. Willis, aka, King Solomon.

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Half Pint

Half Pint (born Lindon Roberts) is a Jamaican , , and singer. He was born in the West Kingston enclave of Rose Lane. He was nicknamed "Half Pint" by a Mr. Brown, who was the father of one of his mother's friends in nearby Waterhouse. Half Pint also refers to a Miami Bass rap artist. Pint's first single, Sally, was released in 1983 followed by Winsome, which went on to be covered by The Rolling Stones in 1987. Other singles by Pint include Mr. Landlord, Level The Vibes, Substitute Lover, and the hit single, Victory.

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Cornell Campbell

Cornell, or Cornel, Campbell started recording in 1956, cutting shuffle and early ska tunes like "My Treasure" and "Don't Want Your Loving" at the ubiquitous Studio One for Coxsone Dodd. His singing style is delicate and ephemeral, making heavy use of falsetto. His stint at Studio One produced some beautiful tunes like Stars, Queen Of The Minstrels, Magic Spell, Trick In The Book and many others. His sister, Cecille Campbell, also sang at Studio One and was a member of the Soulettes with Rita Marley.

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Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & the Wailers was a band created in 1974 by Bob Marley, after Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer left the precursor band, The Wailers. Bob Marley & The Wailers formed in Kingston, Jamaica and consisted of Bob Marley himself as guitarist, song writer and lead singer, Wailers Band as the backing band and the I Threes as backup vocalists. The band included the brothers Carlton Barrett and Aston "family Man" Barrett on drums and bass respectively, Junior Marvin and Al Anderson on lead guitar, Tyrone Downie and Earl "Wire" Lindo on keyboards, and Alvin "Seeco" Patterson on percussion.

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