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Double Dragon

There are two artists with the name Double Dragon. Double Dragon is an electro group hailing from France. They have provided the scores for both the horror films Last Caress (2012) & Blackaria (2009). Double Dragon is a metal band from South Australia.
Forming in 2002 in Adelaide, South Australia, Double Dragon have seen a handful of line-up changes, which has helped to define the Double Dragon sound today. They have supported such bands as Slayer, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, and Mastodon, Soilwork, The Haunted, Carcass, to name a few.

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1) Ocelot are a US/UK based trance/house/electro DJ and production duo. 2) oCeLoT is Aaron Peacock, a psychedelic trance and chillout producer. 3) Ocelot is a Czech heavy metal motorcycle band. 4) Ocelot is a UK based indie/folk musician. 5) Ocelot is a southern rock band from USA.

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Mat created Mons as an outlet for his lifelong love of sound. In particular, the sounds of fuzz boxes, drums, drum machines, vintage synths as well as the cheapest Casios, theremins, vocoders and randomly captured conversations comprise but a few of the tools in his arsenal. Over the course of 3 albums, including Stimulus Frequency For The Localization of Sound in Space, released in 2004, a wide array of sounds, textures and tones have resulted from his chaotic yet pure approach. Mons continues to be exclusively a studio recording endeavor from inside the confines of his Washington, D.

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Influenced by UK and Jamaican dub, Kanka's sound is steppa
His compositions are based on a strong bass & drums section. Though the reggae riddim often be heard, it sounds of today: tempos are particulary high for this kind of music, and the heavy bass line combines with a dynamic drum style and electro soundz. His first album "Don't stop dub" was released on Hammerbass Records in March 2005. Acclaimed by all the actors of the international dub scene and played by respected sound systems, this album gave him the opportunity to make himself known to worldwide dub addicts.

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