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House Shoes

Detroit Hip-Hop's Ambassador to the World. Michael "HouseShoes" Buchanan has been an integral part of the long burgeoning Motown resurgence. Ask the people coming out of Detroit and they will confirm all of this. Houseshoes, a resident DJ at the Hip-Hop staple St. Andrews Hall from 1994-2004, has had personal influence over (at least) a full generation of emcees, producers, and then-future-DJs. Through House Shoes Recordings he pressed the now classic Jay Dee - Unreleased EP" (1996), Phat Kat

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Jett Black

Joe Atkins (vocals, guitar)
Gary Atkins (drums)
Mike Greger (bass; 1984)
John Ryman (keys)
Mark Alex Atkins (guitar, vocals)
Sandy (bass; 1986)
An rather unknown eighties AOR/Hard rock etc. band formed by the three Atkins brothers in 1983 in Toronto, Canada. Jett Black produced a 1984 cassette before heading into the studio for their now collectible "Night Flight" LP. . There is also a video for the band's song "Hold On".

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Jaguar Skills

Who Is He??!!
He came from London, England, and went into the mountains of northern Spain, to a hide out, to hang with Ninja Master Sho Kosugi and Wayward Taoist guru Barefoot Doctor.
Now he's back, fools!
The Ninja Warlord of the Fillionaire party scene, DJ Jaguar Skills, thats who!
Master of the deadly arts of the DJ Ninja, Jaguar Skills' background is a shrouded in sexual intrigue and ninja mystery.
Not even he knows exactly why, but every time he holds up his magic stick and says, Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar Skills...HO!, he transforms into the funkiest ninja in the galaxy!

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DJs From Mars

DJs From Mars are two deejays (Aqualuce and Ventafunk) landed for random causes, in the same time, in the same place, in BlissCo. Studios, on planet Earth. Their first sonic experiment is generated in 2004, and goes by the name of “Non dormo più” (Movimental), Earth reaction is nice (the single appears in 5 compilations and goes straight to the highest charts positions). Right after, “Open Sesame” and “Kipo Mambo” (Movimental, 2005) are released, and the alien DJs are playlisted outside of Italy too.

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