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There are several performers under name "Esoteric":
1) A funeral doom/death metal band from United Kingdom
2) A disbanded Mexican death metal band, which released a demo in 1995
3) Emcee of the Boston hip-hop act 7L & Esoteric
4) new age artist of unknown origin, one album from 1991, titled "Enigma of Faith"
5) Dutch acid techno artist Curley's alias. About the doom metal act from Birmingham, UK:

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There are at least four artists called Quasar... (I) A British Progressive Rock band (II) A Psytrance musician (III) A Funeral Doom Metal band from Russia (IV) A three-piece Progressive/Psychedelic Extreme Metal band from Australia. I: QUASAR was formed in 1979 by founder Keith Turner. They found themselves to be amongst a movement of British bands during the early 1980s, including Marillion, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Solstice and Pallas, that continued in the progressive rock style created by 1970s bands such as Genesis and Yes.

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Samothrace initially came together out of friendship made through involvement in DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal community. Although currently based in Seattle, Washington, their hometowns span from New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Their lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life... intended for those who've taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so. Samothrace is an evolving beast. Keep it heavy... keep it underground. Heavy music for heavy times.

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Finland's Skepticism is one of the pioneers of funeral doom metal. Combining painfully slow Doom/Death Metal styled riffs, solemn keyboards and sparse percussion with deep growling, boundaries were pushed once again. The band uses four instruments: drums, played with felt beaters, keyboards with organ pedals, guitar, and vocals. With this, they create songs that are both within the range of contemporary doom metal in terms of heaviness and slowness, yet far beyond the range of others where atmosphere and sound is considered.

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There are at least 10 artists using the name Moss: 1) A British sludge/doom metal band.
2) A Dutch indie band.
3) A downtempo/nu-jazz producer
4) A progressive trance producer
5) A minimal producer/remixer
6) Ngati Tuwharetoa (dub)
7) A Finnish indie band
8) A garage producer
9) A new vocal jazz group
10) A chinese melodic death metal band. 1)
Formed in 2000, Moss is an occult doom metal band from the United Kingdom.

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Bohren & der Club of Gore

Bohren & der Club of Gore are a band founded in 1992 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany by Thorsten Benning (drums), Morten Gass (keys), Reiner Henseleit (guitar), and Robin Rodenberg (upright / double bass). They play a crossover of and , which they self described as an "unholy ambient mixture of ballads, Black Sabbath and down tuned Autopsy sounds". Over the years they have continously reduced and compressed their music to extremes.

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Woe Is Me

Woe, Is Me is an American rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 2009, the group is currently signed to Rise Records and its subsidiary, Velocity Records. Their debut album, Number[ s], was released on August 31, 2010 and charted at number 16 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers. Current members:
Hance Alligood - clean vocals (since 2011)
Kevin Hanson - rhythm guitar (since 2009)
Austin Thornton - drums, programming (since 2009)
Andrew Paiano - lead guitar (since 2011) Former members Tim Sherrill - lead guitar (2009–2010)

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Space Bong

"We're 6 dudes playing music that we dig. DOOM, grind, crust, STONER, hardcore, punk. We dig it. We play it. Narrow minded, $$$ driven, elite scene fucks can die. We've played with bands such as Pisschrist, 731, Cut Sick, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Fattura Della Morte, Pack (Switzerland), Regulations (Sweden), Born/Dead (USA), Kyklooppien Sukupuuto (Finland) and The Wrong Men (New Zealand). - Taken from their myspace.

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