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The Movielife

The Movielife was a pop-punk band from Baldwin, New York (Long Island). Formed in 1997, the band put out its first full-length, It's Go Time, in 1999 on Fadeaway Records. By this point, the classic lineup of Vinnie Caruana (vocals), Brandon Reilly (guitar), Alex Amiruddin (guitar), Phil Navetta (bass) and Evan Baken (drums) had coalesced. The band built up a strong local following on the strength the album and their live show, and soon jumped to Revelation Records, releasing This Time Next Year in 2000.

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There are at least two bands called "Blindside".
1. Band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2. 90s Straight Edge Hardcore band from Pennsylvania, USA. Members went on to form Stillwater and Atari.
3. Band from Australia (1992 - 1995) that appeared on the Summershine label. 1. Blindside is a / band from Stockholm. They formed in 1994 as "underFree" and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.

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holy mountain

There are two bands bearing the name Holy Mountain: 1. The Holy Mountain - A very heavy Hardcore Punk band in the vein of Tragedy and His Hero is Gone. Influence of earlier punk and crust bands are apparent. Ex-members of Combatwoundedveteran, an amazing, and now defunct, screamo/grind/awesome band. -paste from "The Holy Mountain" tag. 2. Holy Mountain - a drums and guitar 2-piece from Glasgow, influenced by Iron Monkey, Lightning Bolt and Boris.

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