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Scum Of Toytown

Ska-punksters and arch exponents of tuneful 90s agit-pop to a wider world, Scum of Toytown are a response to the boredom and disaffection of London overspill life in Stevenage, UK. Rooted in the North London punk scene of the 70s and 80s, the main members met and began playing together in the late 80s. Gravitating towards the lively free festival and squat scene, SOTT played numerous dates in the UK with bands like RDF, Back to the Planet, Citizen Fish, Senser, 25th of May, Blaggers ITA, Dub War, Bender, The Cowboy Killers and AOS3.

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Not Cool

Not Cool were born in the winter of 2008, semi-fresh from the sweet iceberg that was Lost Penguin. Incorporating 2/3's of the musical talent of the imPoverished area of London called Downham, these young wanderers count severely divided genres as their influences. Experimental grunge punk-pop samba marmite is what an idiot might call them.

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Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb is an Australian rock band that formed in 1992, in Sydney, Australia. A long-standing institution in Sydney music scene but with a national and international base of fans, Frenzal have consistently nurtured new generations of young fans through endless touring, festival appearances and all ages shows. With a sound that is most often characterized as 'California pop/punk', the band is overtly left-wing political and known for their humorous, savage and insightful lyrics.

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There are two bands with this name: 1. Formed late 2008 in Manchester, UK, Citizens are pioneers of the new manchester not manchester sound. "Razor sharp post punk is the order of the day here with a dramatically distinctive guitar sound that prods and pushes songs into unexpected areas. Vocals boom and the bass is bombastic enough to turn each song into a danceable literate (see title 'we've read the books') diatribe. Original, dark and somewhat disturbing. And brilliant." -

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Faintest Idea

Faintest Idea is a punk band with a bit of 'agricultural ska' mixed in. They are signed to party house records. Members are -
Danni Camp - Bass + Vox
Sam Rayner - Guitar + Vox
Cheese - Drums
Danny Hill - Saxaphone
Ben - Trumpet + Vox
Dom - Trombone

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Area 7

There is more than one artist with this name 1. an Australian, punk, ska punk band formed in 1994 2. A Peruvian all female Nu Metal band formed in 1999 1. Area-7 rose from the ashes of Madness cover band Mad Not Madness. In 1994 three members, Dugald McNaughtan (keyboards), Charles "Chucky T" Thompson (guitar) and Dan Morrison (drums) left the group and began to write their own songs. They formed a band and named it after a lyric from The Specials' Dawning of a New Era.

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There are at least 6 bands called Monster: 1) ska-soul-punk band from Sweden
2) heavy/hard/thrash metal band from Brazil
3) Los Angeles-based indie-rock
4) HC band Mönster from Germany.
5) band from British Columbia, Canada.
6) Korean pop boy's band group called 몬스터
7) Swedish chiptune artist called MONSTER 1) Monster a ska-soul-punk band from Sweden that split up in 2000. They released two albums: "Rockers Delight" (1997), "Gone Gone Gone/A Bash Dem" (1999) and some EPs.

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The Skarsoles

The Skarsoles are a ska rock band formed in Greenock, Scotland in 1999. The current lineup consists of Chris Rossi (vocals), Jim Lochlan (bass & vocals), Iain MacDuff (guitar & vocals), Denis McClafferty (guitar), Kenny Linn (drums), Graeme Gray (trumpet & keys) and Will Kerr (trombone). Many previous members have been left out of this list. In the past the Skarsoles have been known for their energetic gigs and entertaining banter.

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The Resignators

The Resignators psychoska Melbourne City ska all-stars, The Resignators, never knew back in 2005 that their infectious sound and trend defying style would take them around the world. As one of Australia's hardest working independent bands, The Resignators have seen it all, playing over 500 shows both nationally and internationally. This road hardened sextet know how to get any room of people on their feet and skanking to their Ska infused beats.

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