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There are multiple artists operating under the moniker 'Skandal': 1. Skandal is a romanian streetpunk band with heavy ska-punk influences, best known for their controversial anthem-song "Patrula Suge Pula" (The Police Sucks Cock). 2. UK emcee Skandal, one of BBC 1XTRA’s top 5 to watch in 2010.

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We Are the Union

We Are The Union band based out of the metro Detroit area. With blazing tempos and melodic vocals, WATU's energy level is unsurpassable, both on recordings and live shows. With a plethora of influences, WATU creates a sound all their own. Starting with the release of WATU's newest EP, The Gun Show Must Go On, WATU has been signed to Paper+Plastick records.

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Citizen Fish

Citizen Fish are a ska-punk band formed in 1989. Based around Bath, England, the original members were Dick Lucas (vocals/words), Jasper (bass), Trotsky (drums), and Larry (guitar). Following their first album, Free Souls in a Trapped Environment, Larry left the band and was replaced by Phil, who, along with Dick and Trotsky, had previously been a member of the seminal British punk band, the Subhumans. Jasper and Dick had previously played together in Culture Shock. In 2006 Silas replaced Trotsky, who is still playing with the Subhumans.

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Broken 3 Ways

broken 3 ways have been playing for years,there local lads straight from the north west of england and play from the heart.
The line up has changed over the years as the bands playing evolved, and the line up is only getting better! guitar and vocals: Scott hyland
lead Guitar: Chris Gartmann
Bass Guitar: Fal Thompson
Trumpet: Jay Aldred
Saxophone: Jay P-bo
Drums: Ben Green the music these guys are playing isnt being heard in the clubs n pubs of england on a regular basis but its breaking through with the crowds stunned and overwhelmed with joy...

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There are at least fsixteen bands called C4:
1. a Hardcore band from Bulgaria
2. A rapper from Texas, United States
3. An electronica artist from Ohio, United States
4. A side project of Michael Angelo Batio, a musician from Illinois, United States
5. A DJ from China
6. A hip-hop duo from Florida, United States
7. A rock band from Japan
8. an experimental artist from Belgium
9. A rock band from the United States
10. A reggaeton band from Chile
11. A DJ from Hungary

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