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1. American indie band from Saint Louis. Has released album twelves.
Members: Theodore Moll: guitar, vocal, drums
Heather Dallape: guitar, vocal, bass 2. Dutch symphonic rockgroup.
Johan Bos - Drums
Bob Hoezen - Guitars
Enrico Versteegh - Bass
Joost den Hertog - Keyboards
Kees van Keulen - Vocals . During their first tour, singer Kees van Keulen was replaced by Jan Hoving. Later, keyboard player Joost den Hertog left the band and was replaced by Roland Jenster. In this lineup Bagheera recorded their second album.

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Mike Sanchez

awesome artist, grew up in bewdley Worcs, started with big town playboys in early 80's and did a set at Thurston pub ( we have gr8 memories )twice a month.
Massive blues and rythm and boogie woogie with somethin extra of his own!
went on to massive things,
just played in Northants in 2008!

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Softball is an all-female pop-punk band from Chiba, Japan. The band members — Moe (vocals/guitar), Nomiya (bass), and Rie (drums) — got together while still in high school. Mike Park signed them to Asian Man Records, and they made their self-titled first American release in 1999.

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Dan Potthast

Dan Potthast is the singer of popular St. Louis, MO ska/punk band MU330. He has also released three solo albums, Eyeballs (1999), Sweets and Meats (2002) and Eat The Planet (2008). Dan has been the lead singer/frontman for MU330 since the band first started playing shows in 1988. Dan's songs have been used in numerous TV shows and movies, including Nip Tuck, The Brendan Leonard Show, and the German films "Pas De Deux" and "Dopplepack.

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