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Afghan Whigs

American band the Afghan Whigs were a soul-influenced, alternative rock band that was mainly active in the 1990s. While achieving only moderate commercial success, the Afghan Whigs attracted ample critical acclaim and deeply loyal fans, Rolling Stone described the band as spending "the bulk of their career on the brink of stardom", yet they've "never quite broken beyond a substantial legion of devotees enamored of their thinly veiled sleaze."

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Infidels: Alain (drummer, lead vocals), Niall Murphy (guitars), Thom Woodley (bass), Scott Wortmann (keys). In December 2005, we independently released our debut EP, Your Hidden Skeleton, recorded at Headgear Studios (Yeah Yeah Yeahs; TV On The Radio; Ambulance, Ltd.). Infidels run Brooklyn's underground music club Asterisk Art Project. In the 1990s, Infidels was a Canadian band featuring singer Molly Johnson and guitarist Norman Orenstein, both formerly with Alta Moda. The band's self-titled 1991 album produced two Canadian hits: "Celebrate" and "100 Watt Bulb.

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There are at least Three artists with the name Chalk 1. Chalk was an indie electro rock band active in Cincinnati, OH from 1996-2005. They released two albums on Deary Me Records and one on Tokyo Rose Records. Jim & Greg now play in Eat Sugar 2. Chalk is an acoustic artist from Brighton, UK. Chalk's first album is set to be released through Sonic Anhedonic Recording Company on the 2nd September 2013. 3. Chalk is a 3-piece rock band from Minneapolis.

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Affiance, meaning to betroth in trust and confidence, is a 5 piece band from Cleveland, Ohio. They formed around 2008. Their lyrics touch on deep political and religious themes and the band wrapped up a recent full US tour with their friends in Across The Sun and No Bragging Rights and gained tons of new fans in the process. Most importantly, scoring a record deal with Bullet Tooth. They released their debut album, No Secret Revealed, on December 2, 2010. Dennis Tvrdik - vocals
Brett Wondrak - guitar

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Crowd Deterrent

here's some of the odder facts about everyopne's favorite dysfunctional hardcore band CROWD DETERRENT! - The original band name was "NEW CASTLE TRASH" when Rob started it at the age of 15
- There was a "Crowd Deterrent Dog", which was owned by ERIC COLTENBA (spelling?), who was a ofrmer singer. He would bring the dog to shows and it wore a hoodie w/ CD logo printed on the back w/ the sleeves cut off.

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