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No Comment

There are a few groups that go by the name of "No Comment":
1) No Comment were an American powerviolence band from North Hollywood, California, active from 1987 to 1993. Along with other powerviolence bands such as Crossed Out and Man Is The Bastard, No Comment were influential in what was known to become the "West Coast powerviolence" scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the hardcore punk genre.

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1) Storms is an instrumental rock / post-rock band that formed in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2009. The band rose from groups such as Don't Mess With Texas, Amok, nikad, Radio Free Isaac and Lunar, among many other Croatian indie/hardcore/punk bands. When Don't Mess With Texas disbanded, three members continued playing music. Together with Ivan of Amok and Senata Fox, Storms was formed. Ivan left the band in October, 2009 and now Storms is a three piece, consisting of Slobich (bass guitar), Sasha (guitar) and Neven (drums).

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There are at least four artists with this name:
1) Djinn is an Italian depressive-industrial-ambient act formed in 1999 by Alex Vintras. His music combines the atmospheric layers and reverberations prominent in dark ambient music, and combines it with the experimentation and rhythmic qualities of second-wave industrial music. His work is known to commonly use samples from multiple sources, be it field recordings of Gregorian chants, audio clips from famous films, or even snippets of classical compositions.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Hard-core/ nu metal band from Zielona Góra(Poland). 2) IDM/electronic artist from Washington D.C./Richmond, VA. On Nextus Records.

3) A dude from NY state who makes sweet beats in his spare time.
This Sars lives in NY state and goes by the name John Olsen.
He is part of the label "Non Existent Records" which was founded
by his e-friend Mitch. 4) A hardcore punk band from Salem, Oregon. Members went on to form the black metal band Leech, the stoner metal band Vault Dweller and the doom metal band Ancestortooth

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Prod is an alternative rock band from berlin, germany.
There is another band from Croatia also called Prod which has alternative sound with mixature of hard core.
Prod is also a uk based electronica producer soulful glitchy loungecore idm, 'a deeply eccentric and wonderful producer' (Mary Anne Hobbs - Radio 1)
The Croatian 'Prod' is Dario Orac (guitars,back voacals),Marko Stavalj (drums),Mario Suprna (bass) and Marko Tarabic (vocals).

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There are 6 artists with the name Shorty. (1) Shorty was officially born in 1991 under the guise of vocalist Al Johnson and guitarist Mark Shippy. Along with drummer Todd Lamparelli and bassist Luke Frantom, they released three singles and two albums.
The group became Shorty and decided to officially keep the moniker in September. Atlanta, GA, label Worry Bird released the band's first 7", Last One in My Mouth Is a Jerk, late that year.

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1) TOMO (Transcendental Organic Magical Objective) is the hurdy-gurdy player and saxophonist in Japanese drone/psych unit Tetragrammaton. He has released several albums of minimalist folk. 2) Tomo is lead singer and guitar player of croatian ethno doom band S.O.M. 3)Tomo (Tomoyuki Ogata) Was one of the first guitarists in the japanese rock band X-Japan. Played in X during 1984-1985 and was in the band when X-Japan released their first single, "I'll kill you", in 1985.

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PREVIEW/BUY HERE: Marebito has been disbanded. The new project is called "ALEXANDER KULT"/"KULT OF RED PYRAMID".
Checkout Alexander Kult is a band that has risen from the ashes of the old "PROJECT MAREBITO"
and "MAREBITO" bands. It was founded on November 2008.
Since the band members started to create a more harsh industrial sound,

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