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Monox is a death metal band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2002. According to the band members, Monox was created due to their wish to stop being merely passive consumers of music; they wished to create it as well. For several years, they experimented with what kind of music they can create when five of them play together. In 2007, they settled on their own style, and a new era of Monox emerged. The current band lineup is as follows:
Tonko - vocals
Dorian - guitars,clean and backing vocals

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Evil Blood

Thrash metal band from Croatia. They are formed 1983. 1984. they recorded demo "Midnight In Sodom", but it is released in '89. Later they changed name into Lord Of Darkness, but Italian band Dark Lord threatened them with legal action over the similarities between their names, so they had to change the name again. Finally, they relocated in Scotland as Djinn.In 2007 they created a band with abaddon(ex venom) called beneath but after a few years split up.Now Evil blood is reformed!!with a new lineup and have a new release in the near future.

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In January 2011, Luka Šulić, along with friend and fellow cellist Stjepan Hauser, performed a cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal which was played solely on cello. They uploaded it on Youtube under the nickname 2Cellos. In just a few days, the music video became a YouTube sensation. Šulić and Hauser have finished recording their debut album with Sony Music Entertainment, which is scheduled for release in mid June, 2011.

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1) TOMO (Transcendental Organic Magical Objective) is the hurdy-gurdy player and saxophonist in Japanese drone/psych unit Tetragrammaton. He has released several albums of minimalist folk. 2) Tomo is lead singer and guitar player of croatian ethno doom band S.O.M. 3)Tomo (Tomoyuki Ogata) Was one of the first guitarists in the japanese rock band X-Japan. Played in X during 1984-1985 and was in the band when X-Japan released their first single, "I'll kill you", in 1985.

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1)French black metal band which released two demos, "In the Mist" and "Yggdrasil" in 1993 and 1994, respectively. Later changed their name to the much better-known moniker of BLUT AUS NORD.
2) a new-age band featured on several compilations
3) Croatian hip hop artist
4) Incorrect tag for artist Vlad Kuryluk, who used this pseudonym on his "Muzyka relaksacyjna" album.
5) An easy listening/lounge musician who's works are predominately shown on MyOwnMusic.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Hard-core/ nu metal band from Zielona Góra(Poland). 2) IDM/electronic artist from Washington D.C./Richmond, VA. On Nextus Records.

3) A dude from NY state who makes sweet beats in his spare time.
This Sars lives in NY state and goes by the name John Olsen.
He is part of the label "Non Existent Records" which was founded
by his e-friend Mitch. 4) A hardcore punk band from Salem, Oregon. Members went on to form the black metal band Leech, the stoner metal band Vault Dweller and the doom metal band Ancestortooth

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There are at least 2 Artists called 'Maksim'
(1) A Croation Pianist
(2) A Hip-Hop MC from Britain (1) Maksim is a Croation pianist, for the Russian singer see ???S??. Maksim was born in Croatia, Sibenik, a small, but beautiful medieval town on Croatias Adriatic Coast, the odds seemed stacked against Maksim achieving his dream.
His mother Slavica and father Karmel knew nothing about classical music (even now they still prefer to listen to pop music on the radio).

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