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Brazilian glam rock band from Goiania, GO, formed in 2003. They mix influences from various indie bands like Placebo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol and also some from the Brazilian pop rock scene, like Pato Fu, Ira and Titas. With Rodrigo Feoli on vocals, the band has released their first demo. VEJA, a Brazilian magazine, relate an episode when Valentina has opened a Placebo show in Brasilia, Brazil. When they ended their presentation, Brian Molko's secretary asked Rodrigo Feoli which eye liner he was using in his eyes.

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There are two singers with this name American R&B/pop singer 2. A pop singer from Argentina : 1) Sybil (born as Sybil Lynch in Paterson, N.J.) is an American R&B/pop singer, an excellent vocalist and one of the finest among disco divas, who has been recording since 1986.
She is best known for her covers of Dionne Warwick's hits "Don't Make Me Over" and "Walk On By".
However, it was when she signed with the music UK producers Stock Aitken Waterman on label PWL, that Sybil had the biggest success, and was particularly popular in the UK.

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Mad Max

There are at least three artists called Mad Max, a hard rock band, a eurobeat group and a chiptune writer for Atari computers. 1) MAD MAX is a Münster melodic Hard Rock outfit debuted with a line-up of vocalist Andreas Baesler, guitarists Wilfred Schneider and Jürgen Breforth, bassist Thomas Hoffman and drummer Uwe Starck, cutting a self-financed, eponymous album for issue in 1982. This offering was subsequently re-issued via Roof Music in 1983.

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Once upon a time, there was an artist named Spaceship. He was feeling quite despondent about making music. It seemed a superficial means to an end, and ultimately a waste of time. He decided at once to do something about it. He decided to do something for charity. The result is As the Head Turns, an album wherewith half of all the financial contributions would go to some particular charity. After much debate and research, the National Alliance to End Homelessness, or NAEH, was the final choice.

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This title refers to at least three recording artists: 1) Elena Ferretti stands behind the alias Sophie, an Italo Disco - Eurobeat project set in the late 80s and early 90s.
Sophie released several albums such as My World, Tales To Tell, or My name is... Sophie.
2) Sophie (real name Arlette Hecket, born 9 October, 1944) was a girlfriend of one of the members of the group Les Champions, Sophie and sang with them in December 1962 in Olympia under the name Jenny Hahn. Olympia director Bruno Coquatrix was impressed, and presented her to Johnny Stark.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) A Michigan based emo band active in the mid-to-late 90's. Performed with bands like Malakhai and Sharana. 2) Madison is a New Jersey-based screamo and later more pop punk band. They were active from 2001 until their split in late 2006 after their relationship with their then label Rushmore Records took a turn for the worse. Madison claimed Rushmore neglected them as a band and didn't listen to their repeated requests for them to be sent to the studio to record a full length...

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There are multiple artists with this name
1. A British pop group
2. A Eurobeat singer
3. An American R&B singer
4. An American rapper and DJ
5. An alias of Tyler, the Creator 1) Ace were a British rock music band, who enjoyed moderate success in the 1970s. They are notable for their part in the early career of Paul Carrack, who later became famous as a solo artist, and as a member of several other groups. The band was formed in December 1972 as Ace Flash And The Dynamos, but this name was quickly abbreviated to just Ace. -- Wikipedia.

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There are two artists named Annalise. 1) Annalise are a punk pop band from Exeter in the UK. They have released numerous 7''s and EPs as well as three albums. Thir most recent album 'Heres to Hope' is out now on No Idea Records.
Currently, the band is in a long term state of hiatus but in their dark and distant past they've toured the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. 2) Annalise is a eurobeat vocalist, and her real name is Annerley Gordon.

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