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A Whisper in the Noise

A Whisper in the Noise is a musical project formed in 2002 by rock composer West Thordson. Centered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, United States Twin Cities metro, the group is known for their dark sound and unique instrumentation, as well as their effective live performances. Eschewing the more traditional use of guitar or heavy keyboards that might be associated with the band's umbral sound, the instrumentation of A Whisper in the Noise has included the cello, violin, French horn, synth/electronic keyboard, bass guitar, and percussion in some variation.

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Night Moves

Night Moves is a Minneapolis based band. Their first 2 songs released, Horses and Headlights, are electro-country-soul tunes. Music blog, I Guess I'm Floating, spotlighted Headlights saying, "Night Moves, a harmonious three-piece from Minnesota, craft tracks that contain splices of electro/glam rock interspersed with soulful shreds of an Americana vibe. When was the last time you heard harmonica and synth go together so well? I

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Trampled By Turtles

Trampled By Turtles (TBT) is an indie folk band from Duluth, Minnesota. The group is most famous for both its fast-paced songs and plaintive ballads. Their high-energy concerts have attracted an ever-growing, dedicated fan following. The band members have referenced inspirations such as Townes Van Zant, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Ralph Stanley. Their fifth release, Palomino, has maintained a position in the Top 10 on the Billboard bluegrass charts for 52 straight weeks. Their music has been featured in TV shows including Deadliest Catch and Squidbillies.

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Gigamesh has been making his mark for several years in dance clubs around the world with his own popular blend of remixes, as well as his work with remix group DiscoTech, and his role in Señor Stereo, a disco influenced live-electronic group. Today,Consequence of Sound exclusively premiered the a mixtape, featuring exclusive remixes of Katy B, Theophilus London and Afrojack, that he made especially for Thursday September 22nd’s Check Yo Ponytail show at El Rey. Gigamesh will share the bill that night with Miami Horror, Class Actress, LA Girlfriend and Franki Chan.

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Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is a Minneapolis musician best known as the main guitarist/vocalist for the band Semisonic. He was also a member of Trip Shakespeare during the early 1990s. He subsequently co-wrote a number of songs on the Dixie Chicks' 2006 album Taking The Long Way. He recently helped produce Mike Doughty's album Haughty Melodic (2005). He also recently released a solo album, Free Life. He also opened for Sondre Lerche on his 2007 tour.

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Brennen Leigh

Brennen Leigh is a songwriter, guitar player, mandolin player and singer who tours throughout the United States as well as internationally. Her influences include American songwriters such as Guy Clark and the Louvin Brothers. She was born in North Dakota and lives in Austin, Texas.

Brennen Leigh on Last.fm.

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Ben Weaver

“I only have one rule when it comes to songwriting. That is: whenever I have an idea I stop whatever I am doing and I write it down.” So goes the life of Ben Weaver.
And though the Oregon-born songwriter spends more time in his basement getting those ideas down than is likely proper or healthy, it’s hard to argue with the results – evocative, hushed songs populated by birds, phone booths, lovers, empty parking lots, friends, shoppers in the checkout line, and plastic bags stuck in trees.

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