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Motorpsycho is a band from Trondheim in Norway, formed in 1989. Their music can generally be defined as psychedelic rock, but they also mix in elements from metal, jazz, rock, noise, pop and many other musical styles. The members of the band are Bent Sæther (bass/vocals) and Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (guitar/vocals). Håkon Gebhardt (drums) left the band in March 2005 to concentrate on solo projects (as Gebhardt) and his other band HGH.

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A Rock n Roll band from Sheffield UK
We play loud rocktoss/dirtpunk/psychedelic- spazzpop.
Imagine your being chased by a set of Pumas...
@lowedanny twitter Dave Attwood-Drums Ian Hutchinson-Guitar Danny Lowe- Bass/Vocals

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Joan Jett

Joan Jett (born Joan Marie Larkin on September 22, 1958 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania) is an American rock singer and guitarist. She was the guitarist for the rock group The Runaways from 1975 to 1979, after which she released two solo albums - 1980's "Joan Jett" and 1981's "Bad Reputation" - before forming her own group, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. "The Hit List" (1990), a covers album recorded by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, was labeled as being by Jett alone.

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Custom (also known as Duane Lavold) is a Canadian-born, New York-based rock musician best known for his song "Hey Mister". Minor controversy erupted when the music video for the song "Hey Mister" was banned from MTV. The video follows a young woman as she frolicks on the beach, hangs out with the singer, and goes shopping. Despite the lack of sexually explicit visuals, the video was banned, the MTV Standards and Practices division felt that it was "pedophilic and offensive to women" (despite the fact that the actress was 22 at the time).

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Aborted Jesus Milkshake

Aborted Jesus Milkshake Taking entertainment to unwelcome and unpleasant new realms. Australia’s premiere Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, want you to witness firsthand the death of all things resembling enjoyment. Heralded as simultaneously the best Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band in Australia, they are also largely believed to be the worst overall band in Australia, beating many other popular contenders for the title, such as Short Stack and The Veronicas.

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Codes In The Clouds

‘With a debut record produced by ex-Yourcodenameis:milo man Justin Lockey ready to go in early 09, via Erased Tapes, this Kent-based quintet find themselves on the cusp of what looks to be a very promising career.’ Ones to watch in 2009
– Rock Sound Official Band Website: Cinematic post-rock pop quintet Codes In The Clouds release debut album 'Paper Canyon’ on May 18 via Erased Tapes.

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