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There is more than one band/artist with this name: 1. dEUS are an alternative/experimental rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium, with different line-ups, but always including singer and guitarist Tom Barman and Klaas Janszoons playing the violin and keyboard. Many musicians became well-known after having been members of dEUS: Stef-Kamil Carlens (Moondog Jr., Zita Swoon), Rudy Trouvé (Kiss My Jazz), Danny Mommens (Vive la Fête), Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes, Jules de Borgher and Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, solo).

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The Freewheelers

The Freewheelers were a rock and roll quintet, consisting of Luther Russell on lead vocals and guitar, Jason Hiller on bass, Dave Sobel on Hammond Organ, Chris Joyner on piano and John Hofer on drums. They were formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California and disbanded in 1996. They released their debut album, "The Freewheelers", produced by John Fischbach (Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Circle Jerks) on DGC Records in 1991 to much critical acclaim, but poor sales.

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A Split Second

A Split Second is a Belgian electronic and industrial band.
A Split Second is simply too good to be ignored, and from their conception in 1985 it didn't take the world long to acknowledge the importance of Marc ICKX's and Chrismar CHAYELL's unique musical vision. Official website A Split Second's first American release, the 1987 EP A Split Second, collected highlights from their early European releases, which included Ballistic Statues (which featured the tense masterpiece "Close Combat"), Smell of Buddah as well as their innovative EBM classic, "Flesh".

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Plain White T's

Plain White T's are a pop-punk band formed in 1997 in Illinois, United States. They are best known for "Hey There Delilah", an acoustic song performed solely by singer Tom Higgenson originally released in 2005 and later hit #1 in the US in 2007. For over a decade, Plain White T's have been playing to packed audiences craving for that perfect pop-punk punch. Their journey, which began in a small suburban basement playing covers, has taken the band to Warped Tour three times, and landed them opening slots for bands like Jimmy Eat World and AFI.

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Team Waterpolo

Team Waterpolo are:
Fred Davis- Energetic versatile frontman, melody wizard, el Mariachi, supersonic idea generating harmonic creator./
Nathan Standlee- Lead Guitar, multi-instrumentalist, electronic synth mastermind, Turbo charged producer./
Ruggero Lorenzini- DJ, spectacular rhyming creative inspiring samples effects and timing, mind morpher./
Lex Dunn- Drums, hits stuff with sticks...

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There are four artists with the name Diesel. 1) Diesel is an up-and-coming dubstep producer from the UK who often distributes his music through Inspector Dubplate. Characterised by insanely tweaked percussion and fiercely filthy basslines. 2) Diesel was a Brazilian Alternative Rock band. After releasing one self titled independent record and playing the famous Rock in Rio festival, the group left Brazil for the US. There they reformed and changed their name: they are now called Udora.

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