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BirdPen are a British alternative rock band. They are Mike Bird, Dave Pen and James Livingston Seagull. They formed in 2004 and refuse to say where they actually come from. They refer to home as The Village, not revealing what exactly they mean by this. They refer to Bill Hicks and the music and movies of John Carpenter as their primary influences. The band released three EP’s, 1 in 54, Be Yourself and Fake Kid between 2004 and 2006, and in that time they have been wearing the black BirdPen uniform and playing across the UK and Europe with their 21st century Doom Groove show.

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Red Sun Revival

Red Sun Revival are an alternative/gothic rock band formed in London, England in 2011. The line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Rob Leydon, guitarist Matt Helm, bassist Panos Theodoropoulos, and violinist Christina Emery. The band’s sound is defined by sonorous vocals with intricate, often sparkly guitars which float over driving bass lines and weave amongst haunting violin harmonies. The sound has echoes of the orchestral and choral aspects of film soundtracks and often incorporates elements of folk music.

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1) Angelina is Lithuanian pop singer. 2) Angelina is an eurodance vocalist, who recorded the hit "The Power Of Love". 3) Angelina (アンジェリーナ is a bilingual Japanese-American singer-songwriter signed under Columbia Records. She can probably be known for her use of vibrato to create a unique voice. 4) Angelina Camarillo: Long before mainstream America started “living la vida loca” with the rise of Latin pop, Upstairs Records’ recording artist Angelina was already burning up dance floors with bilingual dance tracks.

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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (often abbreviated as Trail of Dead) is an American art rock band from Austin, Texas. According to the band's website, their name is taken from an ancient Mayan ritual chant which shows a striking similarity to an ancient Egyptian chant. However, this explanation is said to be merely an ongoing joke. The chief creative elements of the band are Jason Reece and Conrad Keely.

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The So So Glos

The So So Glos are a Punk influenced Rock and Roll Band from the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Two of the band members are brothers and one is a step-brother. In 2008 they co-founded the Market Hotel venue with promoter Todd P. They have toured excessively in the United States and Canada and have opened for ...Trail of Dead and The Virgins in Europe. Currently they are working on new material for a 2010 release.

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There are at least 4 bands called Scar. [1] Scar ( are a Maltese rock band fronted by Konrad Pule
[2] Scar is a new R&B singer from Columbus, Mississippi currently signed to Big Boi of OutKast's Purple Ribbon Records.
[3] Scar (mistagged- proper name Scar.) the j-rock band
[4] Scar is a synth rock band from Bangladesh.

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