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Sound system established in Lodz in 2001, the crew is two dj's - MMF & Funksion. Except playing on the gigs they also record mixtapes and produce their own music. They play mostly dancehall and reggae, but also soca and reggaeton. They have recorded with most of poish reggae MC's (Pablopavo, Jr. Stress, Reggaenerator, Mista Pita, Natural Dread Killaz, Ras Luta).

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Ten Typ Mes

Ten Typ Mes, also known as Mes (real name Piotr Szmidt) is a Polish artist born in 1982 in Warsaw, Poland. He started out his musical career as a member of Flexxip, at first a four member band and later on only Mes and Emil Blef. His first appearances on productions are connected to "Muzyka Klasyczna" by Pezet, "Al-hub" by Red and vinyl compilations where he appeared with Flexxip and 2cztery7. An important moment in his career was an appearance on Kodex by Magiera and L.A. together with Emil Blef (as Flexxip) and Pezet.

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Stasiak (real name ?ukasz Stasiak) is a Polish artist and producer. His first appearance on production was featuring on P?omie? 81 song "Nasze Dni". Stasiak, Ten Typ Mes and Pjus created in 2001 hip-hop squad called 2Cztery7. In 2010 he finally released his solo album "P

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There seems to be at least seven musicians/groups/sounds going by the name of Kali: 1. Fast thrashcore band from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. They've started playing shows around Alberta and have taken the scene by the throat, because they're so good (and usually good bands don't come from Red Deer). http://www.myspace.com/kalialberta 2. Martinican reggae/folk musician Kali (Jean-Marc Monnerville) was born in Fort-de-France in 1959.

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