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the night the night was a solo project, focussed on incorporating and recording guest musicians. An EP was released in 2008 via iTunes and some sales and fans were recruited. A band finally formed in mid 2011, The members of the band brought their own influences and experience, and made the music evolve into what it is today. They recorded their first album independently in December 2011 at Jungle Studios.

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Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Somehow commuting between his studio in Chicago and his apartment in London Harmon creates visual and sonic abstractions. Often influenced by occult themes his work over the last decade has developed the theoretical and practical applications for the use of Transcendental Cinema in occult ritual. Utilizing mystical and occult texts as subliminal content within an experimental media framework. Beyond his work as a media artist Harmon is a filmmaker, sound artist, curator, and record producer (mostly for the venerated Jazz label Delmark).

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Billy Allen

Age 10 - Started playing the piano Age 13 - Played skating rinks and private clubs Age 14 - Appeared on WSM Ch.4 In Nashville, TN Age 21 - On the road - Holiday Inn circuit from the 5 southern states and Clarksville-Fort Campbell, KY area. Then worked for Stage 2 Attractions and Traveled all over the western states

1983 - Top 10 finalist in Wrangler Country Star Search. Recorded a 45 rpm record which was titled, "It Hasn't Been Easy"

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The Creptter Children

THE CREPTTER CHILDREN are an Australian pop metal duo that originated in Perth by founding members Iballa Chantelle & N8OR in late 2005. They are renowned for their high-energy performances, catchy song hooks and dark fashion sense. Described as nightmares put to sound, The Creptter Children will leave a scarring impression to all lovers of music who adore the gothic, horror and pop culture. In Australia, The Creptter Children have supported live acts by bands such as

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Helix is a heavy metal band that formed in 1974 for a Battle of the Bands contest in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and is best known for their 1984 single "Rock You". The original lineup consisted of singer Brian Vollmer, guitarists Brent Doerner and Paul Hackman, bassist Keith Zurbrigg and drummer Brian Doerner. In 1992, Hackman died when the group's van rolled down a 40-foot enbankment after a concert in Vancouver.

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