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The dead class were formed Feb 2006 in a psychedelic studio in Speakerland.
Since then, we've been travelling in UK and Ireland, released 2 albums on Cuatroku Music. BOO (Oct 2006) and IT'LL DAMN NEAR KILL YOU (APR 2008). Mixing molested pop songs with punk rock, folk, ska, crack cocaine and calpol is what gives the dead class it's unique and disturbingly tasty flavour!
We do quirky songs about cannibalism, consumerism, deranged psychopaths, magic cows and more serious topics like honesty, trust, friendship, relationships, pirateships, scary girls ...blah blah blah..

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Steve Pilgrim

Steve Pilgrim, split personality of beat monkey and moody boy. Liverpool based musician. Drummer from the age of six.
Steve first achieved commercial success with Liverpool band The Stands in 2003 and toured worldwide over the following years with the likes of Oasis, Jet and The Libertines...
After leaving the group in 2005 Steve started to write, first travelling to Japan collaborating with Folktronica artist Yoshio Akeboshi. This was the point when he really started to hone his craft as a songwriter.

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Henry Priestman

“Trouble is, see….when you’re 25, your biog’s tiny…but when your 50+, it’s huge, man! (but stick with it… it might be worth it… Or scroll straight to 2008!” 1955
Born…Hull, East Yorkshire 1975
Moved to Liverpool…enrolled at Liverpool Art College…”cut off hair, took in flares” 1976 – 81
Founder member of (art school) band Yachts. An early incarnation of the band supported Sex Pistols at Liverpool Erics club in 1976, days after the infamous “Bill Grundy” TV debacle. October 1977, Yachts released cult single “Suffice To Say” on Stiff Records.

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Clever Little Tramps

Clever Little Tramps are an acoustic band formed in Wirral, Merseyside, England in 2011 . The band consists of Russell Holden (vocals/guitar), Mark Holden (percussion/vocals) and Michael Bates (bass/vocals).

Their music is a real mix of old blues, country and folk with a contemporary twist. Currently turning heads on the Liverpool music scene with their lively gigs and recordings.
Other demos and recordings can be heard at http://soundcloud.

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The Gentle Scars

The gentle scars were formed in the autumn of 2000 and quickly gained a reputation for their lively and incendiary stage performances.
They released a number of limited edition ep`s that earned some glowing reviews throughout the british north-west punk/alternative scene and gained a sizable following.
Their reputation as an excellent punk-pop rock`n`roll outfit continues to grow and is represented in their full length debut album "reflectoporn". Beautiful,sleazy,raging punk-pop rock`n`roll. An angry cat fight between different sensibilities contained within the human and animal psyche.

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The Room

There are at least two artists which use this name: 1. The Room were formed in the late 70`s by Dave Jackson and Becky Stringer (both later of Benny Profane, Dust and The Dead Cowboys) before going through various personnel changes and splitting in 1985. With their interesting mixture of smooth vocals (Mel Torne was a big influence), clever lyrics (at times worthy of Jackson’s hero Thomas Pynchon) and splindly yet melodic music (thin The Fall but with more emphasis on melody) the band though very...

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Ricky Spontane

Taken from their Facebook page (not that it does them justice because they're a much loved band originally from Liverpool that were too lazy to take over the world!) - "Post punk quirk with a modicum of yelp. Their sentiment and melodies will walk with you always. Hometown: Made originally in Liverpool but they now prowl the world." Taken from band website - "The Liverpudlian garage punk behemoths it's okay to snog during your first date" (NME)

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Key Press "The missing link between Soundgarden and The Prodigy has materialised. Killaflaw would be equally at home at Download as they would at Creamfields. Benn has a voice that would blow a stadium away, as well as any club." Eddy Temple-Morris, Losers, Dance Rocks DJ and XFM The Remix "If only Led Zeppelin stopped ripping off blues artists and heard The Prodigy decades earlier, they'd probably sound like this... Killaflaw have been flooring jaws across their tours with a high octane set that commands you to either dance, or mosh."

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The Real People

Zach Condon was no part of the original Real People/
--- There is also another artist using the pseudonym Realpeople (note the lack of 'The' and one word). His name is Zach Condon (of Beirut fame), and his first album under this name is "The Joys of Losing Weight." Released unofficially, it is circulating on the Internet. An official release, credited to "Realpeople", will be packaged with Beirut's "March of the Zapotec", and will be titled "Holland.

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The Sand Band

David McDonnell - Guitar & Vocals
Scott Marmion - Pedal Steel & Guitar
Jay Sharrock - Drums
Max Goldberg - Guitar
Ben Curtis - Organ All Through The Night Sand Band EP
The Sand Band -
Visit them on Facebook and MySpace and check with Deltasonic for release info:
Deltasonic [url=]

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