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The Prelude

When 6 best friends move from Derry to Liverpool, here's The Prelude. Singing slur-along classics for boozers, football terraces and radio, tales of joy, despair, confusion, contagious melodies and bellowed choruses. Influenced by Neil Young, The Band and The Pogues. Good time rock and roll. Marrying the pathos of Dylan, the melodies of The Band and the drunken celebration of The Pogues, The Prelude have shaken audiences up and down the country with their unique brew of classical song-writing and good time rock and roll.

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Kids We Used To Be

Kids We Used to Be are a 6-piece Pop-Punk/Hardcore band, hailing from Liverpool, England. Established in the summer of 2011 and taking their name from the Alexisonfire song Old Crows. They have shared the stage with such bands as: Polar Bear Club
The Story So Far
Man Overboard
The Dangerous Summer
Save Your Breath
Kyoto Drive
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Fine Young Firecrackers They have also featured on RISE RECORDS release of Man Overboard's 2012 UK Tour Compilation Album.

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goFASTER>> formed in Liverpool through the summer of 2006 to write pop songs about rubbish jobs, daytime television and STD's. Their debut single was released in June 2007; a double a-side 7" featuring 'She Starts Monday' and 'Heather's Loaded = McCartney's Blown It' on This Is Fake DIY Records. Their second single, titled 'Flammable Leisurewear' , was released February 2008 on Alcopop and featured sleeve artwork designed by Paul Rafferty of Hot Club de Paris.

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You can now Pre-Order our 'World to Come' EP in all its pop-out, wrap-around artwork glory. PLEASE BUY NOW. STOCKS ARE LIMITED Metamusic's sound spans the gulf between downtempo and
trip-hop on the one hand (think Massive Attack or Team Sleep) and more guitar-led, albeit leftfield
fare like early Biffy Clyro or post-Kid A Radiohead. The band themselves might disagree; citing

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The Farm

1. The Farm are an alternative rock band which formed in Liverpool, England in 1984 and split in 1996. They were popular through the early 1990s. Their album Spartacus stormed to number one in the UK albums chart when it was released in April 1991. The band are seen to be influenced by the madchester movement, although they had existed for several years before the creation of the genre. 2. Farm is a band from Enosburg Falls, Vermont that plays rootsy indie rock.

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Edgar 'Jones' Jones

The former Stairs bassist/vocalist Edgar Jones brings you his latest offering; Edgar Jones and the Joneses. This is a band that you know when you've heard, bringing the old fashioned and back into the picture with songs such as More Than You've Ever Had. Comparable artists include: James Brown, Dr John, Gil Scott Heron, Toussaint, to name but a few influences that you can hear thrown into Edgar's y mix. MySpace. Currently releasing albums on the Viper label.

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The Real People

Zach Condon was no part of the original Real People/
--- There is also another artist using the pseudonym Realpeople (note the lack of 'The' and one word). His name is Zach Condon (of Beirut fame), and his first album under this name is "The Joys of Losing Weight." Released unofficially, it is circulating on the Internet. An official release, credited to "Realpeople", will be packaged with Beirut's "March of the Zapotec", and will be titled "Holland.

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