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Space-psych-horror, lo-fi aggressive electronics with weird field recordings but also a spacey melodic sweet sound that came up from this maelström. Everything done with a guitar, broken mixer, open mic and some effects. Dracula Lewis is one of the best hidden deep dark secrets from Europe, he spent long time traveling all over the world and is now releasing a split LP with Ducktails.

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1. A James Ferraro joint. 2. Bodyguard nastaje početkom 2009 .godine, izdaje album koji je ponovo remasterizovan, što je delo Darka Mijatovića, gitariste koji je ceo projekat osvežio novim idejama i kompletno ga programirao i odsvirao... nastupila je pauza od marta 2010 do marta 2011, kada se sve ponovo pokreće. U predhodnoj postavi u bendu su bili još i na basu Jules Šindeleš i Bojan Vitasović vokal ...

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ButterClock is a young Parisian who makes some great downtempo along the lines of The XX or Bat For Lashes. It’s atmospheric and slow and very French, though according to Facebook they’re a «gathering of creatures from Nevada». ButterClock takes you off on a blurred red wine coma of journey that leaves you curled up asleep in the back of a deserted theatre, the strains of the sub base from next doors club filtering through the dusty walls.

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Diamond Catalog

Diamond Catalog is a duo of Lala Conchita and Pat Maherr (Indignant Senility, Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting), whose debut LP 'Magnified Palette' was released by NNA Tapes in 2011. From NNA Tapes: "...the definitive statement of Diamond Catalog’s concoction of cross-bred dance music and mutated, swirling noise bricolage. “Magnified Palette” seems to exist in five dimensions of sound, with factory-booming beats creating a mechanical-yet-organic framework for devious sonic chatter to wind its way through.

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