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Deep Purple

"Deep Purple" is an English hard rock band formed in Hertfordshire in 1968. Together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath they are considered to be heavy metal/hard rock pioneers. Especially influential to heavy metal were Ian Gillan's powerful screams and Ritchie Blackmore's virtuouso solos. Deep Purple were also very influential to progressive rock. Deep Purple's early output ranged from rock (such as their cover of Joe South's "Hush") to strongly classically influenced pieces (such as "April", from their third album).

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Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run is a project that was created in April of 1998, a side project featuring members of In Cold Blood, Spudmonsters, and Brothers Keeper. Founding members Don Foose (vocals), and Rich Ferjanic (drums) first came together to form the band by later adding Kevin Roberts (guitar), and Mike Lastowski (bass). Upon completion of the first album titled The Killing Civilization, (1999) the band embarked on their first European tour as an opening act in February of that year. In June 99 the band received an invitation to Hollands Dynamo Festival, playing in front of a crowd of 80,000 people.

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Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet is an American stoner metal/stoner rock band, often cited as one of the most successful and influential in the genre. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar), Tom Diello (drums), and Tim Cronin (vocals and bass). The band first went under the name "Dog of Mystery" and later "Airport 75", before finally settling on "Monster Magnet".

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There's at least two bands and a DJ with this name:
1) Danton is an English DJ based in london, formally known as Wam Way who used to promote in Norwich. Mixing alot of house, garage, techno and future sounds.
2) German state of the art screamo/post-hardcore combination. With Benjamin on the guitar, max on the drums and Fabian on the bass this trio is making its way through the modern screamo sound. This band is from Wuppertal, and are close friends to another screamo band named Faced moment from the same region.

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Repentance is more than just a fine word. It has a deeper meaning than just a feeling of regret it also means a different way, the way chosen by a few. Quality in everything is one of the band's main basis and a part of creative concept. Music style is determined to be a dark-rock. Rock as a musical side of concept. Dark - as a reflection of reality.

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There are multiple artists recording under the name Paradise.
(1)Latin artist whose music covers multiple genres.
(2)A UK-based dance music group.
(3)Brazilian rock band from Bento Gonçalves. (1)Very rarely do you come across an artist who crosses a multitude of styles with as much class, conviction and bravado as Paradise.
She writes, produces and sings her own songs. Performing in English, Spanish and five other languages, a true threat to every genre of music that she effortlessly crosses.

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The Marionettes

This is a Gothic band from the 80's consisting of three members. They have not been in the public eye for about 11 years or so. Their most popular song was "Ave Dementia", released in 1990. There is a fanpage on Myspace, with the URL "thescreamingmarionettes". The Marionettes:A Biography February 1986:"The Marionettes" start life as the "Screaming Marionettes" when 20 year old singer/songwriter,Sean Cronin,gathers together novice drummer John Downey,bassist Boo Levard and singer/keyboard player David Izen.

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"Arivmia is one of those bands that remind you of why you love metal" - dj evil joker -hard rock radio live Arrhythmia /ar·rhyth·mia/ (ah-rith-me-ah) variation from the normal rhythm of the heartbeat, encompassing abnormalities of rate, regularity, size of impulse origin, and sequence of activation. Arrhyth'mic. An irregularity in the force and rhythm of the heartbeat. Recorded in the summer of 2009 arivmia's debut album 'end of the line' is a unique blend of music encompassing the vast range of styles evident from the 60's to the present day.

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