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There are six bands called Dirge : 1. Dirge is a French band formed in 1994 in Paris, France. From the genre that exploded in the first part of the 90s, the band slowly evolved toward a more atmospheric and progressive form of metal, related to bands such as Neurosis, Isis, and Cult of Luna. The original band members were Marc T. (guitars, programming) and Laurent P. (vocals, programming). In the genre of bands like Godflesh and Pitchshifter, the duo's music was a hybrid of corrosive guitars, robotic hammerings, and scratching samples.

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The Fuckwits

THE FUCKWITS are a 4-piece 77-sounding punk rock band from Sheffield. They played their first gig 3 years ago with Lightyear and have since played with One Man Army, The Slits, The Rezillos, The Buzzcocks, The Damned, The Vibrators, 999, Ed Tudor-Pole, , Jesse James, Selfish Cunt, Dogs, Cazals, amongst others, throughout the UK.

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Bus Station Loonies

The band formed in 1995 in an attempt to put fun into the anarcho-punk movement. Original Loonies Tony Popkids (drums) and Chris Wheelchair (vocals, keyboards, kazoo; ex-drummer with Oi Polloi, Disorder, Riot/Clone and Dirt, among others) still continue with the band today, having recruited approximately 30 other band members over 10 years. The band was featured in the UK's Channel 4 documentary, Punx Picnic.

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The System

There are 3 artists with this name.
1. An electropop/R&B duo
2. An English anarcho-punk group
3. A Danish electronica group (1) The System were electropop/R&B duo David Frank and Mic Murphy.
The duo recorded their biggest hit "Don't Disturb This Groove" in 1987 and later that decade featured another notable track entitled "Coming To America" as featured in the movie of the same name. "You Are In My System" was another hit from the band. and they also worked as producers for acts like Chaka Khan ('I Feel For You'), Phil Collins ('Sussudio') and Mtume ('Juicy Fruit').

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It all started back in 1998 when Dave, Stuart, Brian and Rams met up in a shady rehearsal studio in an effort to get all the surplus energy and anger out of our collective system. After four practices the chance came to play a couple of shows with Vanilla Pod and being the idiots that we are, we drunkenly agreed. I guess that was kinda when we were born for real - More shows followed throughout the UK and Ireland with the like of Diesel Boy, UK Subs, Shelter, Lost Prophets, Real McKenzies, 999, Turtlehead, Fireapple Red, The Dangerfields, No Comply, Even In Blackouts etc.

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The Deficits UK

The Deficits are a UK based 4 piece Punk N Roll band versed in the classics, taking inspiration from acts such as Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Exploited. Formed in the Birmingham area in the spring of 2010, the band have consistently honed their skills playing shows in the smallest shittiest pubs in the area, but now with the release of their first EP, "No Prospects", a 9 track collection of punk in the classic vein, containing tracks with "hooks catchier than a Thai prostitute", the band are looking to branch out and play bigger gigs...

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There are several artists using the name "Dugong". 1. Dugong were a four-piece "indie-rock/emo/punk" band hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. On 14th August 2005, after a final show at the Out Of Spite Festival in Leeds, they went on an indefinite hiatus. Members of Dugong are still active, in bands such as Nathaniel Green, Messina and The Sword, and as solo artists such as The Warlord and Brown Hound James.

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