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Uli Jon Roth

Uli Jon Roth is a true multi-instrumentalist who writes his own musical scores and arrangements.
He is also a music director, paints realistic oil paintings, writes his own poetry as well as philosophical treaties. Uli invented his own unique instrument - the by now legendary 6-octave Sky guitar which is without peer. He produces his own albums and directs his own videos.
Artistically he has been an inspiration to many of his fellow artists as well as his audience and continues to be so. He has been cited by countless guitarists from all over the world as one of their main influences.

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Distal is a DJ and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's founder of the label Embassy Recordings, producing a wide variety of bass music. His debut vinyl release was on soul jazz records alongside Mala, Coki and Ramadanman, and followed up with a release on SureFireSound. Distal plays in a variety of international scenes including the / community, as well as the scene. Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/distal
Embassy Recordings: http://embassyrecordings.com/

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Martin Grech

Martin Grech (pronounced ‘Greck’) is a Maltese-English singer, songwriter and musician from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, born in 1983. He is known for his dark and powerful music, remarkable voice, and frequent subversion of style and genre. He first achieved serious critical acclaim after his haunting falsetto track Open Heart Zoo (written when he was 19 years old) was featured on a Lexus car advert on UK television in 2002.

Read more about Martin Grech on Last.fm.

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Smokescreen (UK)

contact user: smokescreenuk Forming in the fall of 2001, Smokescreen have played over 150 gigs around the UK, from the shittiest dives to Corn Exchanges, self financed and released 3 mini albums, supported the likes of Raging Speedhorn, Prong, Breed 77 and Panic Cell and never changed what they do to suit a trend.
Over the past 7-8 years there have been various lineup changes, but with new guitarist Mat Lloyd now in the fold, the band are set to deliver their 4th release in the form of their first full length album and show the music industry what they're made of.

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The Answer

The Answer hail from Newcastle, northern ireland, producing a classic rock sound with big guitars and and even bigger vocals. They won the Classic Rock Best New Band for 2005. They are a modern rock band with a classic rock sound. They are obviously strongly influenced by artists like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Black Crowes, Thin Lizzy and Free, and Cormac's searing vocals are reminiscent of Robert Plant's. When playing live they produce a varied set, combining hard rock songs with modernised blues covers.

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The Angels

There are three artists with this name
1. An Australian rock band
2. An American girl group best known for "My Boyfriend's Back", a #1 hit in the United States in 1963
3. An American R&B group
none of these are to be confused with any of the artists called Angels, without the definite article. (1) The Angels (Australia) USA as Angel City (1980-1985), The Angels from Angel City (1988-1989), The Angels (1992). In November 1970, brothers Rick and John Brewster formed The Moonshine Jug and String Band. In 1971 the band was joined by Irish immigrant Bernard "Doc" Neeson.

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Fenix Fire

Fenix Fire is a hard rocking band from Nottingham, UK. Fierce guitars, pounding drums and catchy vocals combine to form the exciting sound of a band that is rapidly gaining a reputation for their high energy live shows. Influence from bands such as Escape The Fate, Papa Roach, Motley Crue and Avenged Sevenfold. The band consists of Izzy Stylez (Vocals), Jimmy Moltisanti (Guitars), Jonny J Cool (Bass) and Milky B (Drums).

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Tygers of Pan Tang

Tygers of Pan Tang is a new wave of british heavy metal band originating from Whitley Bay in the North-East of England. The band was originally formed by Robb Weir (guitar) Brian Dick (drums) Rocky (real name Richard Laws - bass) and Jess Cox (vocals). Rapidly building a local following, they were first signed up by local independent label Neat Records before MCA gave them a major record deal and released their first album "Wild Cat" in 1980.

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