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Kill For Satan

Kill For Satan comprises members from well known and respected Australian metal acts (Armoured Angel, Psychrist, Exceed). KFS formed in 2002 initially as a cover band playing tribute to classic eighties thrash bands such as Slayer, Exodus, Bathory, Venom, Dark Angel, Sodom, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Destruction and many more. As a natural progression, KFS began writing original material in early 2004 for their first release. Thy Kingdom Undone features seven tracks of the Metal of Death in the vein of the bands they had previously paid homage to.

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Monox is a death metal band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2002. According to the band members, Monox was created due to their wish to stop being merely passive consumers of music; they wished to create it as well. For several years, they experimented with what kind of music they can create when five of them play together. In 2007, they settled on their own style, and a new era of Monox emerged. The current band lineup is as follows:
Tonko - vocals
Dorian - guitars,clean and backing vocals

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Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle is the name for 4 bands. 1. A French alternative/industrial/ethereal/dream pop band Vicious Circle was a French alternative industrial duo formed by Lucie Dehli and Stephan Ink in 1989 and disbanded in 1991. Barbed Wire Slides, their unique album under the Vicious Circle's banner hung round a twisted, vulnerable little girl vocal - the girlish voice of Lucie Dehli - seemingly echoing right from a creepy playground. Numbing repetitions of samples, rigid rythmic loops were envelopped with airy creative sounds, the all giving a result without compromise.

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Germany's Dew-Scented have been part of the leading forces of a new breed of Thrash Metal ever since their foundations in 1992. After having released their first an only demo tape "Symbolization" the band signed to Steamhammer/SPV for their 1996 debut release "Immortelle" and then moved over to Grind Syndicate Media/NBR as new label-home for 1998's Dan Swanö mixed "Innoscent" and 1999's "Ill-Natured" albums.

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A Hill To Die Upon

If there was one thing to describe A HILL TO DIE UPON, it would be a resistance to die. From the beginning, AHTDU has made it a point to do, whatever that may be, the best they possibly can. Starting out as a two piece hardcore act and growing through over a dozen members and several genre leaps, A Hill to Die Upon became a black metal duo of two brothers that would not stop after any hardship that came their way.

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Abigail Williams

The group’s second full album, "In The Absence of Light", taps into the spirit of the band’s chosen style but injects it with intricate touches of classic and thrash metal. Raw, but clear production and a venomous zeal, it is as infectious as it is lethal.

“The whole record is pretty bleak and depicts a world completely void of light,” says frontman Sorceron. “And I think it’s just a product of the environment we live in and a reflection of the way I see humanity heading.”

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There are at least 6 bands with the name "Wake"*. *If you listen to the British post-punk band, the Finnish melodic death metal band, or the US goth rock band, the correct tag is The Wake. Please fix your tags. 1. WAKE is a Canadian grindcore band from Calgary, Alberta. or Started in 2009 and have released a self titled 7'' , a split 7'' with Dephosphorus and Full length on 7 Degrees Records.

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Vulvectomy slamming brutal death metal band from Italy.
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They formed on January 2007 by the will of Diego Fanelli, already singer of Stench of Disemberment and Natron, with the intent to create a project devote of playing total brutal slam, mainly influenced by Devourment, Inhuman Dissiliency and Cephalotripsy mixed with grind parts. The degenerative process was transmitted from Diego (vox) to Mario Di Giambattista of Endaemona and Putrid Dismemberment from Rome as guitar who joined the band on May of 2007, but they were still in search of a drummer to complete the line up.

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Sepulchre is a black metal / crust punk / death metal band from Toronto, Canada , formed 2008, and includes current / former members of (Megiddo) and (Legion 666). Taking influence from such bands as Hellhammer, Amebix, Bathory, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, Sacrilege, Hellbastard, Antisect, and Onslaught, Sepulchre brews up a vintage mixture of metallic savagery and brittle crust, boarding the informal 'stenchcore' genre. Official Website:

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