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Gardening at Night

(english version below) I Gardening at Night sono una band di Torino nata nel 2006 a seguito dello scioglimento degli Squirrel. A Michele Sarda, Daniele Molino e Marcello Oliviero (chitarra+voce, basso e batteria degli Squirrel) si aggiungono Enrico Viarengo (già chitarrista dei Green Woodpecker) e, dagli ultimi mesi del 2008, Marco Gottero (già bassista dei Somewhere Between).
Il gruppo si ispira al pop rock americano dei R.E.M.

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Ever Since

Founded in 1998 on the smoking ashes of « Sacrement », Ever Since has created its own style of music :
Melodic Dark Metal
This style is half way between black metal and heavy metal, accompagnied by keyboards and dark voice, that will lift you thourgh different dark and tourmented atmosphere. In june 2001 Ever Since recorded the first album called “Into a reign of pain”. First album and first big experience because it was recorded live during four different concerts. Sold over 500 copies it was a huge hit according to specialized media.

Read more about Ever Since on Last.fm.

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There's few bands and projects called "Krokodil": 1) Swiss Krautrock group from the 70s; 2) Swedish jazz duo; 3) Resnik experimental metal project; The first group consists of three musicians, two of them from Zurich, Switzerland and an Englishman - Krokodil were an early 70's Swiss-Krautrock group who mixed blues based jam music with psychedelic Indian sitar and tablas. Drummer Dude Durst had been in the popular Swiss 60's beat band Les Sauterelles.

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Daniel Portman

Daniel Portman was born and raised in the suburbs of Zurich, Switzerland. He fell in love with electronic music at a very young age. It was the late 90s, with all its ups and downs, when young Daniel started to test his musical abilities on an Akai2000 sampler and an old sequencer.
After a long ride of experimenting, he ended up with a bunch of tracks. Daniel went back to his small bedroom studio, made another bunch of tracks and along the way he stumbled into the porn industry.

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The cinematic sounding music by this Swiss duo features a transparent und well-tempered mix of acoustic and electronic elements. In March 2006, "somewhere, midair" by debonair was officially released in Switzerland (vacuum records / recrec). This release will hopefully be available for download in a large number of countries soon. The music on the 14 tracks invites to quietly be discovered by listeners all over the world: melancholy song-sketches, epic atmospheric instrumentals and tracks experimenting with motives, united as a whole by trademark debonair harmonies.

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Cowboys From Hell

Fresh, for now, as a progressive rock market band, the Swiss trio named COWBOYS FROM HELL is yet an interesting-looking new group, with their debut album (recorded in 2007 but released only up in the first months of 2008) sounding pretty slick. Combining the ideal of entertaining fresh music with those of funk-jazz sessions, creative band strumming and deep, at times improvised, rock, the result of their music and activity goes overall the same...

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Imperial Tiger Orchestra are Raphaël Anker (tp), Alexandre Rodrigues (rhodes, key), John Menoud (sax), Cyril Moulas (b), Luc Détraz (per) and Julien Israelian (d), from Geneva, Switzerland. The orchestra's repertoire consists of revamped remakes from the Golden Age of modern Ethiopian music (1969-1978).Visiting each of the foremost artists of period in turn, the orchestra blends Ethiopian rhythms with their own influences. Playing music that is usually sung, this entirely instrumental group emphasizes the dark and hypnotic grooves of the rhythmn as well as the polished, ethereal brass themes.

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