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Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann (14th March 1681–25th June 1767) was a German Baroque composer, born in Magdeburg. Self-taught in music, he studied law at the University of Leipzig. The most prolific composer of his era, he was a contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach and a life-long friend of Georg Friedrich Händel. While in the present day Bach is generally thought of as the greater composer, Telemann was more widely renowned for his musical abilities during his lifetime.

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Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) is a British period instrument orchestra. The OAE is a resident orchestra of the Southbank Centre, London, associate orchestra at Glyndebourne Festival Opera and has its headquarters at Kings Place. The leadership is rotated between four musicians, Alison Bury, Matthew Truscott, Kati Debretzeni and Margaret Faultless.

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Claudio Monteverdi

Claudio Monteverdi ("Green Mountain") (Cremona May 15, 1567 – November 29, 1643) was an Italian composer, violinist and singer. His work marks the transition from Renaissance to Baroque music. During his long life he produced work that can be classified in both categories, and he was one of the most significant revolutionaries that brought about the change in style. Monteverdi wrote the earliest dramatically viable opera, Orfeo, and was fortunate enough to enjoy fame during his lifetime.

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La Venexiana

LA VENEXIANA, founded by Claudio Cavina, is today the most important madrigal group currently in activity. In styling to the anonymous renaissance comedy from it's named , LA VENEXIANA aims to incorporate into its musical interpretation the theatrically, attention to language in all of its subtlety, and exultation of contrasts between refined and popular, sacred and profane, that characterize our culture today.

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There are at least three artists with this name: 1) Rebel is a Spanish MC, from Zaragoza. 2) Rebel is a hard rock band featuring John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep). The band produced the only album 'Stargazer' (1983).
* John Lawton - Vocals
* Tommy Clauss - guitars
* Albert Stubler - Keybords
* Peter Weber - Bass
* Peter Garratoni - Drums 3) REBEL is a New York-based baroque ensemble, directed by Jörg-Michael Schwarz & Karen Marie Marmer.

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Georg Friedrich Händel

George Frideric Handel (as he was known after his change of nationality, as he signed himself, and as he is known in the English-speaking world) (23rd February 1685–14th April 1759) was a German/English baroque composer who was a leading composer of concerti grossi, operas, and oratorios. Born Georg Friedrich Händel in Halle an der Saale (Germany), Handel lived most of his life in England, and became English by Act of Parliament in 1727.

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Mauricio Kagel

Mauricio Kagel (born in Buenos Aires, December 24, 1931, died in Cologne, September 18, 2008) was an Argentine composer who has lived in Germany for most of his career. He was most famous for his interest in developing the theatrical side of musical performance. Many of his pieces give specific theatrical instructions to the performers, such as to adopt certain facial expressions while playing, to make their stage entrances in a particular way, to physically interact with other performers and so on.

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London Baroque

Formed in 1978, London Baroque plays baroque chamber music. Their repertoire spans the period from the end of the sixteenth century up to the early classical era. The group is composed of:
• Ingrid Seifert, violin
Richard Gwilt, violin
• Irmgard Schaller, violin, viola
Charles Medlam, violoncello, bass viol
Terence Charlston, harpsichord, organ Official website:

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