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Three bands:
1.) Polish, unsigned alternative band from Wroclaw/Olesnica with app. 3 self-published records. A mix of progressive-nu tone sounds, currently active with a new singer and working on a new album. 2.) Swedish power metal band which did a great ABBA cover (Waterloo). 3.) Lo-fi/shoegaze band from Texas with post-punk and post-hardcore influences. 4.) A thrash band from Huntington, WV featuring ex-members of Holden Caulfield, Neutral Agreement and Deckard. - https://www.

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Bjorn Again

It was 1988 when Rod created this remarkable ABBA tribute band concept, there have since been over 3700 shows in 55 countries in 19 years. Manager and musician Rod had previously been working in metallurgical research but at the age of 29 decided on a career change to start a band which would revisit the music and fashion of the 1970's. Rod believed that ABBA globally encapsulated all that was good (and maybe some not so good) about the era so decided they were the perfect '70's icon to focus his efforts on.

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The Rivals

As always, there seems to be more than one group with a name like this 1)The Rivals were a UK punk band from Ramsgate, in existence from 1976-1981. Originally formed by childhood friends Mark Edwards (guitar, vocals) and Paul Leinster (bass, vocals), they soon added Mark Hebden (drums). The most well known lineup for the band, and the one that produced the vast majority of music that you can find from them, came about when Hebden left the band, to be replaced by Paul Daley on drums.

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The Original Bucks Fizz

The Story
In late 1980 Nichola Martin and Andy Hill sought to create a new group to enter their song 'Making Your Mind up' in the Eurovision song contest. After successfully finding Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Bobby Gee they decided on the name Bucks Fizz (after Nichola's Favourite drink!). After winning A Song for Europe the newly formed band went on to win the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin and also created the now famous skirt ripping routine. Making Your Mind Up went straight to number one in the UK and around Europe making the band international stars overnight.

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Uncle Rotter

"we are Uncle Rotter from manchester. we are the inventors and kings of thuggish cartoon disco metal. we opened the main stage at Bloodstock this year on sat aug 15th for Cradle of filth. our Uncle Rotters' St Georges Eve bash packed out manchester academy 3 on april 22nd this year, we appeared at the movie premier of Lesbian Vampire Killers in london on march 17th this year
after recording a title track for the film.

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