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There are multiple artists using this name:
1) A British progressive jazz-rock band of the Canterbury style in the 70s.
2) The incorrect English spelling of the Japanese rock band ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh).
3) A now defunct Dutch hardcore band.
4) A now defunct Australian ska/hardcore band.
5) A progressive rock/fusion band out of Petaluma, California.
6) An american progessive band. Their demo is still under production, however, some songs may be found at
7) A now defunct Hungarian lo-fi no-wave art-punk band.

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Steve Hillage

Hillage started out as a prog rocker, always leaning towards the more whimsical/mystical side of things in his work with Gong (1973-1975). On going solo, he continued in a similar vein, fusing melodic elements with ambient soundscapes on albums such as "Green", "L", "Fish Rising" and most notably "Rainbow Dome Musick". One of the first to popularise electronic ambient sounds, his work was rediscovered by later electronic dance acts, giving Hillage a new lease of life as a performer/DJ in the 1990s following a successful stint as producer.

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Caravan is a British progressive rock band from Canterbury, United Kingdom, founded by former Wilde Flowers members David Sinclair, Richard Sinclair, Pye Hastings and Richard Coughlan. Caravan rose to success over a period of several years from 1968 onwards into the 1970s as part of the canterbury scene which also included Soft Machine. Caravan still continue a part-time gigging existence into the present. A feature of the Canterbury sound is the blending of psychedelia.

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There are more than 1 artists with the name Gringo: 1 - Gringo Is a progressive rock band.
They were originally formed in 1968 as 'The Toast'. In the spring of 1970 Toast abandoned the old, tired routine and changed their name to Gringo eager to explore the "new freedoms" offered by the burgeoning progressive movement. In March the following year Gringo signed a deal with MCA to record an album and single. In 1972 the bass player left the band, and even though there were the plans for it, sadly there was to be no follow-up album to their promising debut from the previous year.

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There are 2 bands sharing the name Picturebox: Picturebox ( ) are a pop band from Canterbury. Frequent comparisons are to Belle & Sebastian, Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers... Their song "Ruth Bakes A Cake" was included in Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing Mixtape on 30th April 2012. Picturebox (www.myspace.

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Khan reffers to three artists: (1) Khan was an English progressive rock band of the Canterbury Scene during 1971-1972. Formed by Steve Hillage, the initial line-up was Steve Hillage (guitar), Nick Greenwood (bass guitar), Dick Henningham (organ) and Pip Pyle (percussion). They recorded only a single album "Space Shanty" which was released in 1972. They disbanded in 1974. Steve Hillage went on to record "Fish Rising" which contains material that would have been done by Khan had they not broken up.

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Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt, born Robert Ellidge, in Bristol on 28 January 1945, is an English musician, and a former member of the influential Canterbury scene band Soft Machine. As a teenager, he lived with his parents in a fourteen-room Georgian guest-house, Wellington House, in Lydden near Canterbury. Here he was taught the drums by visiting American jazz drummer George Niedorf. In 1962, Wyatt and Niedorf moved to Majorca where they stayed with the poet Robert Graves. The following year, Wyatt returned to England and joined the Daevid Allen Trio with Daevid Allen and Hugh Hopper.

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