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White Ring

White Ring is a dark, trance-inspired duo. Formed in the mid-2000s, White Ring began to emerge sometime in the middle of 2008. White Ring's releases include a split with oOoOO. Soon, the band will release an EP on Disaro, which includes Roses, Suffocation, We Rot, Chain My Crib, IxC999, and a few more unreleased tracks.

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Evian Christ

Evian Christ is a 22 year old UK / producer by the name of Joshua Leary. He started uploading songs to his Youtube account late 2011, which gained the attention of a number of acclaimed blogs. On 1 February 2012, he released the "Kings and Them" mixtape on Tri Angle Records, compiling mastered versions of the tracks he had put on Youtube up until then.

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Stitched Vision

Stitched Vision is the project of Jason Campbell, formed in 2009, once global roamer now fringe-dwelling citizen of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. His pedal-heavy synthscapes are neither nostalgic nor futuristic, but rather channel the current plight of his city of residence, unfolding as explorations of urban decay and cultural regeneration. Understated melodies sheathed in - pitting the organic against the - mark Campbell's work and come to symbolise Newcastle

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