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Young Hunting

There are two bands with the name Young Hunting. 1. A Los Angeles-based quintet, originally formed in 2007 as a duo comprised of Hari Rex and Ilya Malinsky, who remain the band's primary songwriters. In late September 2010, they released a 7" EP containing the tracks "Into Yr Mind" and "Sonata". The EP was self-funded, but is being distributed by K Records of Olympia, WA. Currently, they are recording a full-length LP which will be out in 2012. http://younghunting.bandcamp.com 2. An experimental musick project based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Manes started around the end of 1992/early 93. It started as a project with Sargatanas on vocals and Cern on guitars, synths, programming etc. – basically everything besides the vocals. With that line-up Manes recorded the three demos „Maanens natt” (93), „Ned i stillheten” (94) and „Til kongens grav de døde vandrer” (95). The two first demos was later re-released by the Hammerheart Records sub-label „Unveiling the Wicked” in 98.

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