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Asbo Peepshow

Formed in 2008 in Nottingham - ASBO Peepshow are three grown men playing bed-wetting, power-driven Punk Rock with gay abandon. Hailed as 'The Newly Crowned Kings Of Brit Punk' and serving up lashings of high quality melodic punk rock. Bet you can't listen to this lot without singing along... New CD available now from BAD NEWS RECORDS. MYSPACE: BAD NEWS RECORDS:

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The Plenaries

The Plenaries formed in Birmingham in April 2008 with the original line-up of Tim Howells (vocals, guitar), Aimee Scriven (bass, vocals) and Adam Davie (drums). They made their live debut in August 2008 headlining the Bar Academy, Birmingham. In September 2008 they released their debut mini album ‘Come On In’ via iTunes. Late September 2008 saw the arrival of Sonya Isaac (keyboards, vocals). In October 2008 the band went into Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham to record debut single 'A Wonderful Thing'.

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Harrison was formed in 2004, while attending arizona state university Harrison has had trouble finding time to further his musical interests. The bands first single treading water was realeased in early 2005. It has been a huge hit on radio stations such as 92.7, the energy. The band is still working on their soon to be debut album, sigma nu.

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The Wallflowers

Two bands have used the name "The Wallflowers":
1. An American rock band
2. A British indie rock band 1. The Wallflowers are a band which formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band's only constant member has been singer/guitarist Jakob Dylan, the son of folk rock legend Bob Dylan. The Wallflowers have released five albums: "The Wallflowers" (1992), "Bringing Down the Horse" (1996), "Breach" (2000), "Red Letter Days" (2002) and "Rebel, Sweetheart" (2005).

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Astronaut may refer to a number of different bands.
-A band from Perth, West Australia
-A band from New York, NY
-A slowcore band from Denia, Spain (see the pic)
-An electronic drone trio from Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY
-A band form London, UK
-An idiot* from Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU
-An indie band from Latvia (Astro'n'out) -The following is about the West Australian band.
Having originally spawned as a three piece purely electronic act in 2002 it’s safe to say Astronaut have heavily evolved over the past 4 years.

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Summer Cats

Summer Cats are two girls and three boys from Melbourne, Australia. Like most people from Melbourne, they spend their time either: a) enjoying summer or b) waiting for summer to arrive. They play crash pop in an attempt to make you dance, so if you feel the urge...go right ahead! Musically they are somewhat of a cross between Stereolab and The Go-Betweens....or is that Talulah Gosh and The Left Banke?

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Galaxie 500

There are two bands with the name Galaxie 500:
1) an American alternative rock band that formed in 1987 and split in 1991
2) a francophone indie garage rock formed in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, and now known as Galaxie 1) Galaxie 500 formed in Boston, MA in 1986 and comprised vocalist/guitarist Dean Wareham (a transplanted New Zealand native), bassist Naomi Yang and drummer Damon Krukowski, longtime friends who first met in high school in New York City before all three attended Harvard University.

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The Wellingtons

There are two musical groups called The Wellingtons: 1. An Australian power-pop group.
2. An American folk group - -
1. The Wellingtons (power-pop) Australia’s The Wellingtons continue to inject all that is cute, smart, and sweet into their crafted up-beat power pop tunes. It’s the sound that’s brought them devoted fans in the U.S, Canada and Spain and major success in Japan where their first two albums have not only sold strongly but led the band to tour live houses, packed with smiling fans in many of their major cities.

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