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There are several bands by the name of Sugar:
(1) Project of former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould.
(2) is a Korean girl-pop group with releases in Japan and Korea
(3) is a Japanese visual-kei group (Sugar).
(4) is Australian psy-trance producer / artist Felix Hamer, on the Green Ant label from Melbourne, Australia.
(5) is a rockband from Den Bosch The Netherlands. Sugar (1) was formed by Bob Mould after the breakup of Hüsker Dü, and conceived as having a similar sound, though with Mould as the sole leader.

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Declan Galbraith (born Declan John Galbraith, 19 December 1991, Hoo St Werburgh, Kent) is an English singer of Scottish and Irish origin. He and his family live in Hoo, a village near Rochester, Kent. His grandfather was in a band, played several instruments, and took Galbraith to Fleadhs (concerts) he was participating in, and the mix of Scottish and Irish musical traditions inspired Galbraith and became his early musical influence.
Discography Albums * Declan (2002)
* Thank You (2006)
* You and Me (2007)

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The Room

There are at least two artists which use this name: 1. The Room were formed in the late 70`s by Dave Jackson and Becky Stringer (both later of Benny Profane, Dust and The Dead Cowboys) before going through various personnel changes and splitting in 1985. With their interesting mixture of smooth vocals (Mel Torne was a big influence), clever lyrics (at times worthy of Jackson’s hero Thomas Pynchon) and splindly yet melodic music (thin The Fall but with more emphasis on melody) the band though very...

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Harrison was formed in 2004, while attending arizona state university Harrison has had trouble finding time to further his musical interests. The bands first single treading water was realeased in early 2005. It has been a huge hit on radio stations such as 92.7, the energy. The band is still working on their soon to be debut album, sigma nu.

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Astronaut may refer to a number of different bands.
-A band from Perth, West Australia
-A band from New York, NY
-A slowcore band from Denia, Spain (see the pic)
-An electronic drone trio from Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY
-A band form London, UK
-An idiot* from Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU
-An indie band from Latvia (Astro'n'out) -The following is about the West Australian band.
Having originally spawned as a three piece purely electronic act in 2002 it’s safe to say Astronaut have heavily evolved over the past 4 years.

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Paul Handyside

Singer songwriter Paul Handyside was a founder member of eighties indie popsters Hurrah! who released several albums on Kitchenware and Arista records. In the nineties Handyside toured and recorded with friend and Kitchenware label-mate Martin Stephenson. In 2001 Handyside formed alt-country/pop trio Bronze with Ade Evans on drums and Rob Tickell on bass. They released two albums, The statue in the stone in 2003 (The bus stop label) and A common prayer (Malady Music) in 2004.

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