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The Go-Katz

The Go-Katz were originally formed as a five piece band in 1986. Howard Raucous (v), Giles "Beaker" Brett (g), Mark "Moff" Moffat (b), Andy Young (g) and Johnny "Wolf" Basford (d) decided to form The Go-Katz after they met in a bar in Loughborough, UK. Because the band wasn't a big factor in the London Psychobilly circuit at that time, Howard decided to release their first EP on his own. Howard´s "Raucous Records" had already started as a mail-order service, and so a new record label was born. In 1988, they continued without the rhythm guitar of Giles Brett and Dave replaced Wolf on drums.

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The Bots

There are three Bands known as The Bots: 1. The Bots are a two-piece lo-fi punk rock band. Los Angeles residents and brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are just 18 and 15 years old. They have already played high-profile tours such as Warped in 2011, wowing crowds with their talent at such a young age. 2. The Bots are a Japanese rockabilly band. 3. The Bots are also the internet's first virtual band.

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Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs are a rockabilly band formed in 1996 in São Paulo, Brazil. The band released four full length albums - Off Society Rules (2001), Right On Time (2002), Live To Win (2002) and Rockabilly Riot (2004) - and one EP - Rockabilly Trio (2006). The members are: Carl Horton (vocals/guitar), Sonny Rocker (double bass) and McCoy (drums).

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Wigsville Spliffs

The Wigsville Spliffs played authentic 50's Rockabilly back in the early 1980's.
Formed by 3 friends from sleepy Suffolk, England.
Ian Aitken (Vocals/Guitar)
Mike Lister (Slap Bass)
Danny Mowl (Drums)
Initially the boys set out to tear up the local rockin scene.
They became more well known when they started to appear regularly on the bill at the world famous Klub Foot in Londons Hammersmith. Regularly providing the support for other bands such as Restless, The Guanabatz and Frenzy.
A change of style to a more Neo-Rockabilly sound resulted from these shows.

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The Quakes

The Quakes are a psychobilly band from Buffalo, NY. They were formed in 1986, and were one of the very first American psychobilly bands. They are considered very influential to the current American psychobilly scene, but in the late 80's, there was no scene to speak of in the United States. The Quakes Moved to London to try to find success. Former members: Paul Roman (vocals, guitar), Rob Peltier (upright bass) and Dave "The Ace" Hoy (drums).

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