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The Cinnamons

The Cinnamons equate to a fresh slant on the (phenomenal) pop-scene blossoming from Glasgow, Scotland.
Influences from The Pixies through 80's electronica - they manage to steer well clear of the well trod paths of Glasvegas/Franz Ferdinand/Simple Minds mindset - 'we want to rock stadiums' to produce a sound that is instant as it is unique as it is infectious. A truly talented band that I was fortunate enough to catch on their last tour - Lucasda Jan '09

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Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs are a rockabilly band formed in 1996 in São Paulo, Brazil. The band released four full length albums - Off Society Rules (2001), Right On Time (2002), Live To Win (2002) and Rockabilly Riot (2004) - and one EP - Rockabilly Trio (2006). The members are: Carl Horton (vocals/guitar), Sonny Rocker (double bass) and McCoy (drums).

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1) Restless was formed in 1978 by Mark Harman (g/v), Paul Harman (b) and Ben Cooper (d). The band name was borrowed from a Carl Perkins song. In 1981 "The Restless" EP was issued-limited to 400 copies. Once 'Why Don't You Just Rock!' was out, the boys were pretty much doing the regular Rock 'n' Roll circuit throughout England. Restless played their own style of Rock 'n' Roll and are arguably one of the most influential British Neo-Rockabilly bands. One time they played a 50´s Rockabilly standard just to follow with a pure Psychobilly song.

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