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Black Slate

Black Slate formed in 1974 in London, with members hailing from multiple countries. Keyboardist George Brightly and bassist Elroy Bailey were originally from London. Vocalist Keith Drummond, guitarist Chris Hanson, and drummer Desmond Mahoney came from Jamaica, and rhythm guitarist Cledwyn Rogers hailed from Anguilla. The group received their earliest work backing touring Jamaican acts, such as Delroy Wilson. In 1976, they hit the U.K.

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Pet The Preacher

Pet The Preacher is a danish hard rock band, formed in 2010, that consists of Christian Hede Madsen (vocals, guitar), Torben Wæver Pedersen (bass) and Christian Von Larsen (drums). With a great love for 70's blues-rock and old slide masters such as Elmore James and Bukka White, Pet The Preacher mixes history with the modern. Metal structures, prog-inspired, shout-vocals and eerie tales. A trio who play for their lives every time. And without compromise.

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WEAVER is a japanese piano rock band. Members: Birth Name: ???? (Yuji Sugimoto)
Date of Birth: December 3, 1988
Blood Type: Type A
Instrument(s): Vocals and Piano
Main roles in the band: Lead Vocals/Pianist Birth Name: ???? (Shota Okuno)
Date of Birth: August 18, 1988
Blood Type: Type O
Instrument(s): Bass
Main roles in the band: Playing the Bass and supporting vocals Birth Name: ?? ? (Toru Kawabe)
Date of Birth: June 28, 1988

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Miss Scarlett

Eliza (Lisa Conway) and Josephina (Jo Fallak) are two old souls trapped inside cocktail dresses & sunglasses. They came together as a music-making duo during 2007 because of their shared love of vermouth, dislike of television, and the fact that they already had a gig. Eliza enjoys snow boarding, smoking Captain Blacks, and incredibly spicy foods. She plays the violin, the guitar, the piano, & sings. Josephina particularly likes basil, typewriters, and the colour green. She sings, plays the piano, the guitar, a ladybug, & the melodica.

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