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Seagull refers to two different bands, one based in the UK, the other in Melbourne, Australia. They are listed below in chronological order.
1. Seagull was formed in Manchester in 1999. It was the brainchild of two former members of the Finley Quaye band, Tom Greenwood and Jo Michell. Other members have included bassist Txarli Robles and drummer Bill Henry. The Seagull song Waiting For You was covered by Finley Quaye and appeared on his album Much More Than Much Love.

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Jamie Robertson, Michael McTernan, Kieran O'Brien, Iain Downie and Liam Narrie are the 5 members of the band Jakil. They are based in Edinburgh and met at school were the began to practice. They have been named the "Best Young Band in Scotland" by The Scotsman newspaper. They were also winners at the 2007 Radio Forth Awards taking home the "One To Watch award". Influenced by a variety of artists like that of John Mayer to Pink Floyd. They released their debut single "Who Are Ya?" on Monday 7th January 2008 and reached number one in the unsigned download charts.

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Graveyard Train

Graveyard Train's official bio, located at In retrospect it's obvious that horror and country music go together like peas and carrots - it just took Graveyard Train to show us. Utilising old timey instruments (banjos, dobros, washboard) with the unorthodox percussion of hammer & chain, all underneath a six part baritone 'wall of men' vocal delivery, Graveyard Train have created a unique sound and an equally unique way to deliver it.

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Age of Disorder

Age of disorder are a melodic death metal/metalcore band from derby who have influences from bands like soilwork, inflames, bleeding through, chimaira plus many more. The band started out doing gigs in derby and nottingham, the band also recorded their first demo in november 2009, in the new year of 2010 the band had sorted out their first tour, merch, press pack and a debut EP things are looking up for the band now after only a few months and plan on bigger things later on in the year! Tags: 
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White Male Dumbinance

White Male Dumbinance play fast, pissed off power-violence for fans of Infest, Crossed Out, Spazz etc. members have also done time in some killer bands in their past (and present) such as Arms Reach, Life.Love.Regret, The Dead Walk!, Conation and Captain Cleanoff! They have released a demo and two 7 inch EP's out on Missing Link records: 'Forced Vengeance' and a split with Masstrauma.

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