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FURLO Hail from the Derry Area in Northern Ireland. The Band Are An Indie Jerky Four Piece Rock Band, Who Have Been Described as a 'Killers Meets Feeder or The Cribs meets Bloc party'. They have Forged a Path in the Music Scene via Their First EP 'CONCUSSED GIRLS'. This Self-Release Gained the Band Much Respect from Critics and Press Alike. And are Now Set to Shake things Up Again with the Pending Release of their Sophomore Ep 'Signature', Which is Slated for an Autumn Release.

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Angel Deradoorian is mostly known for her role in the Dirty Projectors, she's made a few of her solo recordings available for download online. According to her MySpace page ( "I'm trying something new. Still using garageband. Sounds better in headphones. Bands I play in: Dirty Projectors, Secret Surprise and the Latter Day Saints, Inlets, Mature Women, Fleetwood Mac."

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There are several artists with the name Skiller:
1) A metalcore band from Stockholm, Sweden
2) A Bulgarian Beatboxer 1) Skiller is a metalcore band from Stockholm, Sweden The band was formed in 2002, and consists of five members:
Dave - Vocals
Ritchi - Bass/Vocals
Joni - Guitars
Nickrock - Guitars
Dihm Rust - Drums 2) SkilleR ( Alexander Deyanov ) is 22 year old beatboxer from Sofia/Bulgaria.

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