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There are several bands with the name Sheol: 1. Sheol was a hardcore band from Alvin, TX who's members went on to form By the End of Tonight. 2. Sheol is a melodic death metal band from Italy. 3. Sheol is a black metal band from Poland. 4. Sheol is a Blackened Death Metal band from Leeds/Bradford England. For the UK sepulchral death metal act use שְׁאוֹל instead.

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Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter K Ishibashi (born November 4, 1975). He is a founding member of the New York synth rock outfit Jupiter One, as well as a touring member of Georgia based indie rock group of Montreal and has also toured with Regina Spektor, predominantly as a violinist. Kishi Bashi is K. Ishibashi's self-recorded and self-produced project started in 2011 with his first EP; Room For Dream, released in May 2011

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Hancock Basement

Hancock Basement are Nick Beresford-Wylie, Nick Craven and Tom Spira, a veritable melting pot of slick grooves, disco rhythms and garage rocking riffs. Coming off the mean streets of Canberra, Australia, the band have cut their teeth with folks like The Sleepy Jackson, The Presets, Bit By Bats, Datarock, Digitalism and Batrider. They launched their self-titled EP in August 2006. With the band reaching out recently to play a string of buzzing shows in Melbourne and Sydney (including a slot at Rebel Rebel) as well as their debut festival appearance at the 2006 Stonefest extravaganza...

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Vatersay Boys

"Over the past 8 years The Vatersay Boys have been creating a stir of madness and mayhem throughout the Western Isles and much further afield. Hailing from the Island of Vatersay, the most southerly populated isle of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, with a rising population of under 100, The Vatersay Boys are now well and truly established in the Celtic and Gaidhealtachd music scene. As a five-piece band , with Accordians, pipes, whistles, and guitar the energy-laden Vatersay Boys demonstrate their unique blend of Highland music.

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Matthew Dekay

As far as DJ/producers go Matthew Dekay has always been a name synonymous with quality productions and high energy live performances. At just 33 years of age he has enjoyed a successful international career spanning over a decade.
Born and raised in The Netherlands he trained as a classical musician
and this background has had a huge influence on his approach to making electronic music. It kept Matthew very open minded and gave him the ability to cross genres without ever caring too much about composing in one particular style.

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