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Kartikeya is a Blackened Death Metal Band with Indian influences (in both lyrics and instrumentation) formed in Moscow, Russia in 2004. On June 22, Kartikeya released their single "The Horrors Of Home" (featuring Keith Merrow & Aleksandra Radosavljevic) from their upcoming album titled "Samudra". Current Lineup:
Mars - Vocals
Arsafes - Guitars, Clean Vocals, Ethnic Instruments
Rinat - Guitars
Alexander - Bass
Alex Smirnov - Drums
Dmitriy - Percussion

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Fletch Cadillac

Fletch Cadillac formed in the early months of 2004 by brothers Ben & Joe with long time friend and drinking buddy Dov. The threesome, from Norwich, UK, have combined the newer modern punk rock sounds and attitudes with the classic old school LA punk sound taking influence from the likes of Social Distortion and Dead Kennedys. Add this to the band's love of the 1950s Hot Rod scene, Drive in B-movies and Classic Americana dating back as far as they can remember, Fletch Cadillac have created a genre between "Horror" Punk and Psychobilly- and call it " music for driving a hot rod to hell"

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Tim Eriksen

Based on his musical interests and abilities, singer-songwriter-ethnomusicologist Tim Eriksen might have been born in a splintery wooden crib during the Revolutionary War, in a backwoods North Carolina church, in a hut along the Ganges, maybe even in the CBGBs bathroom. But no, the late-30s Eriksen was born in Massachusetts and grew up surrounded by the sound of his parents singing and by

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DJ/producer J:Kenzo is a sought-after player within the dubstep scene, not only as an artist but also as a founder of Soul Shakerz Records. Born and raised in Kent (South East England), Kenzo was highly influenced by the sounds of both jungle and garage and took up DJ duties way back in 1995. In 2005 he was introduced to the emerging dubstep scene and decided it was time to get in the studio and start putting his ideas to his own music, making his production debut in 2007 on Soul Shakerz with a release entitled "Tekno Bass".

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