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Locked Groove

The cross-pollination of bass music and the revitalisation of techno and house in recent years has radically transformed the broader spectrum of dance music; rendered anew by a fresh batch of new producers with uninhibited perspectives on the music

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Not OK

Not OK are a punk rock band based on the Gold Coast, Australia. The band is originally from Nelson, New Zealand. They moved to Auckland in 2005 and then on to Australia in 2007. They play a brand of punk rock influenced by the likes of Face to Face, The Bouncing Souls and Snuff.

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Radio Radio

Radio Radio are Montreal based hip hop trio from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia who rap in Acadian French. They've recently launched their second full length album, "Belmundo Regal" (Bonsound Records) which has been getting rave reviews and creating quite a buzz. They also just came back from SXSW, the Festival International and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where they caught some great attention. -------

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Junkyard Choir

Junkyard Choir formed in early 2005 in south London. They began to play songs about monkeys, saving the world, santiago & smoking without fire!!!!! The band has been described as "Contorted, energetic waltzy Polka-blues rock". In 2007 they self-released the EP "Trying to save the world". Drummer Paul Connor then departed. Tom herbert joined & The band will release the follow up "Delope" & the single "I Remember When" in summer 2008.

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