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Elmo Logic

Elmo Logic are an alternative indie band based in Manchester. Combining intricate guitar riffs with driving bass lines and "penetrating vocals" they have been likened to such bands as Interpol, Bloc Party and The Maccabees. Playing together since early 2008 Elmo Logic are quickly building a name for themselves on the music scene. Whilst headlining their own gigs at various venues around the North West, and having played alongside the likes of Anathallo and Women, the fanbase is rapidly expanding.

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Jonathan Day

Made in a derelict church by the daughter of a submariner and a teddy boy welder, he was raised between factories, steel hard and iron grey. Old now and lonely, sometimes he watches the sky. He's half in love with longing, searching for a certain whiteness JONATHAN DAY'S DISCOTHEQUE AVEIIA: THE POLITICS OF NAVIGATION..... Jonathan took a tour around some islands and let their genomes infest him. You know the soldier in 'Ghost in the Machine' who sees butterflies when his mind is violated by nanoprobes? He sucked in bits of bali and japan, wales and africa

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DJ Zany is rightly known as a veteran of the dance scene, with over ten years of experience at the turntables. Raoul van Grinsven, who lives near Eindhoven , the city of lights, is currently a fulltime DJ/producer, after having worked on the side for ten years in a record shop. He started his career in the hardcore world, working between times with techno and trance, and has had many hits in the top 10, under various aliases. For the last few years, he has been concentrating on hardstyle.

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The Ghouls

There are five artists by the name of The Ghouls. During the 1960's The Ghouls were the music of writer and producer Gary Usher, best known for his work with the Beach Boys. The Ghouls combined the 60's trends for Hot Rods and Monster movies. "Dracula's Deuce" was released in 1964 featuring Rick Burns, Chuck Girard, Joe Kelly and Richard Podolor. The Ghouls are also a street punk band no longer releasing music in Philadelphia PA. Members have gone on to form Hate and War.

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The Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls are a British band. They formed in 1979, playing their first ever gig at Millview Social Club, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK, on 20 October 1979. After a couple of gigs, vocalist Pete Zulu left to form his own band. He was replaced by Paul "Hud" Hudson, who himself left after a single gig, leaving Toy Dolls as a trio with guitarist Michael "Olga" Algar to assume vocal duties. This was just the start of the revolving door of drummers and bassists that would characterize the Toy Dolls line-up over the years.

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Clacket Lane

Clacket Lane are an exciting new indie/ rock act whose influences derive from progressive Seventies rock. They have been described as Coldplay in the 1970’s and proudly admit that their personal writing/ performing styles are from being brought up listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, then later on listening to more contemporary bands such as Coldplay, & Athlete. In 2006 Clacket Lane have played the University Circuit around the UK and have supported such acts as; Boy Kill Boy, Razorlight, & The Feeling.

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