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Hiperkarma is a band formed in Budapest, Hungary in 1999. The project was started by founding member Bérczesi Róbert who previously was member of the band Blabla. After Blabla split up, Bérczesi went on to create the first post-Blabla album mostly alone this time under the name Hiperkarma. After some minor changes in lineup, the lineup consists of Bérczesi Róbert on guitar and providing vocals; Frenk (Torma Gábor) on drums and providing backing vocals; Laca (Varga László) on bass guitar; FX (Bacsa Gyula) on keyboard; and Stevenson (Kis Tibor) on guitar.

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Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens

Delicate tunes that float and dance in the air, sung by a girl with a voice which varies from a seductive whisper to a desperate cry. Melodic guitars and a rhythm section which, if it chooses, can produce an energy which mesmerizes you, whitens your knuckles as they cling to your seat, only to drop you into a pool of calm, your heart still pounding in your chest. Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens started 18 months ago with just Julia and Yo (Johanna) stuffing around in music class during grade 12.

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Sally Seltmann

Sally Seltmann is an award-winning songwriter and singer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has previously released albums and performed under the name 'New Buffalo', and is well known as the co-writer of the song '1234', performed by Feist. Sally now returns with Harmony to My Heartbeat, the first single from her new album, due for release in early 2010. Previous recordings by Sally as New Buffalo include her debut EP 'About Last Night', which was released in Australia (through Modular) and the UK (through Heavenly).

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