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Plus Ultra

There are several artists with the name Plus Ultra. 1) The most recent is a new, London-based synth pop project from Alexis of The Violets and producer Chris Flatline. 2) Portuguese band composed by Gon (ex-Zen), Azevedo (Mosh) e Kino (ex-Ornatos Violeta). Tags: 
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Les Jupes

Four kids from the middle of the North American continent making modern music for people living in the past. Debut album Modern Myths recorded with Arcade Fire/Stars/Little Scream producer Marcus Paquin. " epic as it is primal and as stirring as it is sad and introverted".
"...set to become one of Canada's most intriguing and complex acts."
"The swelling guitar riffs, hard drums and deep, menacing voice of Michael P Falk ensure an emotional, expressive album. An almost perfect record. One of the best debut records we’ve heard.”

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Asleep Beneath Volcanoes

ABV are a two-piece band from Kendal in Cumbria, South Lake District in England in the United Kingdom in Europe. 'Proggish electronica with the kind of live instrumentation sound of Death In Vegas and a boatload of ideas that keep their lengthy tracks evolving, changing and brimming with life' - GIITTV

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Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh (born Leith, Edinburgh on September 27, 1958) is an acclaimed contemporary , most famous for his novel "Trainspotting". He has also written plays and screenplays, as well as directing several short films.

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Diamond Dust

Together since 2007, Diamond Dust just released their debut album on June 21, 2011. The group reminds one of peak period Led Zeppelin in their ability to dish out both blistering, full-bore rock, and lively, foot-stomping folk. The band lives and shares the same love of real music that the performers of Woodstock ‘69 and that romantic era did. Their sound is new and refreshing yet still has that familiar rock n' roll feel.

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