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SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza, four classically trained musicians who happen to be sisters. Emerging from the artist colony of Fort Collins on the Eastern slope of Colorado, SHEL is sophisticated and youthful, emotional and lighthearted, classic and eccentric. SHEL's engaging live show is marked with a prodigy's creativity and a veteran's instinct for entertaining. At every performance, SHEL delights audiences with their unique songwriting style and fresh, new sound. "SHEL has delivered one of the most impressive debuts of the year..." Chris Douridas, KCRW, Los Angeles

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Daniel Kitson

Daniel Kitson (born 19 June 1977) is a British stand-up comedian. Born in Denby Dale, Huddersfield in the north of England to a lecturer father and primary school head teacher mother, he began performing comedy at the age of 16. He was nominated for the 2001 Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival at the age of 23 for his show Love, Innocence and the Word Cock eventually winning it in 2002, the year after, for the show Something.

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VulgarGrad are a seven-piece Melbourne-based band who play unique folk-funk-polka-punk renditions of traditional Russian folk and "Thieves' Songs". Band members: Jacek Koman : vocals
Andrew Tanner : contrabass balalaika
Renato VaCirca : drums
Ros Jones : trombone
Adam Pierzchalski : trumpet
Nara Demasson : guitar
Phil McLeod : piano accordion

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Storm Large

Storm Large is the dramatic, vivacious singer of Storm and The Balls in Portland, Oregon. Storm came to national attention when she appeared as a contestant on the CBS reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. Dave Navarro, ex Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction guitarist, recorded a guitar track on her single "Ladylike." On October 14, 2006, "Ladylike" debuted at #5 on Billboard's "Hot Singles Sales" chart. Before the Balls she performed in Storm Inc.

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"Shy" refers to 6 artists:
1. Shy, a British classic rock band featuring Tony Mills, Steve Harris, Roy Davis, Joe Basketts and Bob Richards. Their website is
2. SHY, a female Japanese singer
3. SHY, an Austrian pop band from Linz, that comprises Andreas Kump, Peter Lang, Heinz Fleischanderl, Mario Valenti and Hans Riener. Their web site can be found at:
4. Shy, a super sweet minimal dj from Luxembourg.
5. The Shy, an early 80's Detroit power-pop band.

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Coil gun: A projectile accelerator which utilizes electromagnetic coils to discharge a projectile(s) at extremely high velocity. La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. While most people from this town spend their lives handcrafting complicated mechanisms for use in luxury watches, Coilguns have been busy crafting complex mechanisms of their own. Writing began while Jona was in exile in the United States. The project had been in mind for some time and with 3 tracks written, Jona naturally looked to Luc and Louis, rhythm section in The Ocean to complete the bands line up.

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Voces Del Sur

A S American-British band based out of Edinburgh. The singer, Valentina Montoya Martinez, is the daughter of a Chilean exile and the percussionist, Gerardo Ballesteros is from Argentina. The two other members - guitarist David Russell and double bass player May Halyburton are both from Scotland. The band specialises in Nueva Cancion & canto neuvo - folk songs in Spanish that became popular during the 1960s associated with socialism and the struggle against the rise of dictators such as Pinochet.

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