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Tree is the name of at least 9 different artists:
1. A psychedelic band from Israel
2. A hardcore band from Massachusetts, United States
3. A grindcore band from Kansas, United States
4. A rapper/producer from Illinois, United States
5. A rock band active in the 1960's
6. A singer/songwriter from California, United States
7. A pop singer from Australia
8. A rock band from Australia (now called Treehouse)
9. A Christian rock band from South Africa (now called Tree63)
10. Project of Oliver Nickell from San Francisco, California

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Special Branch

Special Branch is a joke project of Rupert from England who likes to make what is best described as bad europop. Using purely electronic sounds, poor quality disco music is created which will hopefully catch on in dodgy dance bars across Europe. So far this has been entirely unsuccessful. Have a listen and be cheered up by the bad drum beats and hilarious key changes. All songs are free as no-one will buy them.

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Little Racer

Little Racer's beach rock will flood your mind with a summertime vibe that's hard to shake. Don't be surprised if you long for sandy locales, a sea breeze, and a perspiring drink after just one listen. Little Racer consists of Elliot (lead vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Ish (bass and guitar), and Mike (drums). You can catch them around New York and Brooklyn this summer. Tags: 
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The Magick Brothers

The acoustic periods in Daevid's life have always coincided with periods of spiritual self initiation and renewal. Of course these themes are encoded in the music, so that listeners might access similar changes through osmosis. Named after his first album in 1969, Magic Brothers is the freshest and most human of his material to date. Daevid Allen: Acoustic Guitars/Glissando Guitar+vocals.
Little remains to be said, except that in this band he can be who he really is. He is in his true element.

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