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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest is an electronic music producer known for noisy experimental electronica and breakcore. Largely produced and performed on a single computer (including live shows), his songs tend to be constructed from digital samples of found sounds and other artists' music. Until 2004 he recorded under the name Donna Summer then in 2007 he began to re-use the updated "DJ Donna Summer" for the production an performance of dance music.

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Shimmy Rivers and And Canal

Shimmy Rivers and and Canal formed in a rush with five people, none of whom are still members or are in fact known to any of the current line up. Shimmy Rivers and and Canal started in error and continued thereafter. As the unformed band disbanded further, a drunken barmaid put a CD in the post which had nothing to do with Shimmy Rivers and and Canal, but for some reason had their name on it. Ed Baxter, head of Resonance FM took to the sound of that CD like a duck to whatever, and spectacularly asked to release it, just so he could hand out copies to anyone he liked.

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