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The Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls are a British band. They formed in 1979, playing their first ever gig at Millview Social Club, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK, on 20 October 1979. After a couple of gigs, vocalist Pete Zulu left to form his own band. He was replaced by Paul "Hud" Hudson, who himself left after a single gig, leaving Toy Dolls as a trio with guitarist Michael "Olga" Algar to assume vocal duties. This was just the start of the revolving door of drummers and bassists that would characterize the Toy Dolls line-up over the years.

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FEAR has always been regarded as a vital element of the early Los Angeles punk scene by those who witnessed their fury firsthand. Formed by the mysterious Lee Ving (b. Lee James Jude Capallero) and his friend Derf Scratch (b. Fred Milner) in 1978 after the former attended a Black Randy concert, the two quickly recruited scene regulars Burt Good and Johnny Backbeat to play guitar and drums, respectively, in their new project.

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Catholic Discipline

Catholic Discipline was a short lived band headed by Slash Fanzine editor Claude Bessy, nicknamed Kickboy Face on vocals. The band was started in 1979 and played a series of shows around the Los Angeles area before ultimately breaking up in 1980. However they are best known for their appearance in the 1980 Penelope Spheeris rockumentary film The Decline of Western Civilization, in which they played two songs.

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Chaos UK

Chaos UK are a UK band formed in 1979 near Bristol. Consisting of Simon on vocals, Andy on guitar, Kaos on bass, and Potts on drums (although the band has been through many different line-ups over the years with Kaos as the only consistent member). Their lyrics deal with topics such as unemployment, economic recession, drinking, infanticide, distrust of government, the police, and authority in general.

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The Outsiders

There are several artists named The Outsiders (11 are mentioned here): (1) The Outsiders were a sixties beat band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Formed in 1960 as a neighbourhood band from Amsterdam East, The Outsiders became one of the most succesful Dutch groups of the 1960s. They made some lastingly great records and never recorded anyone else's material, with singer Wally Tax writing the lyrics and guitarist Ron Splinter the music for nearly all of the twelve 45s and three LPs they made.

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The Simpletones

The Simpletones, a California group whose releases first appeared on Posh Boy Records beginning in 1978 and with recordings contained in compilations released on other labels in multiple countries. They are, perhaps, best known as one of the 3 groups contained on the 1979 seminal compilation album Beach Blvd., the other 2 groups being Rik L Rik (Negative Trend, and F-Word) and The Crowd. In the book "We Got The Neutron Bomb "The Untold Story of L.A. Punk", Robbie Fields outlines his journey "scouring for younger, fresher talent" in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

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Anti Pasti

Derby 4-piece punk band originally comprising of Martin Roper (vocals), Stan Smith (drums), Dugi Bell (guitars), and Stuart Winfield (bass). They recorded an EP called Four Sore Points containing, amongst other things, the band's anthem, No Government. Later recordings featured Kev Nixon on the drums, Will Hoon on bass and Will Hoon's brother, Olly on guitars. Anti Pasti played alongside other early '80s punk bands such as The Exploited, Discharge and Chron Gen, during the Apocalypse Now tour.

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Marky Ramone

Marc Bell (better known as Marky Ramone, born July 15 1956, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American drummer. He is perhaps best known for being the drummer for the highly influential punk rock group Ramones. Marc Bell started playing drums when he was 16, with his band Dust. He recorded two albums with the band." From a Dry Camel" one of the songs off their first album. Was listed in the top ten metal songs of all time. In the first edition of the Heavy Metal Almanac.The two albums made the charts in America.

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Toy Dolls

Toy Dolls are an English punk rock band formed in 1979. While much punk rock is political or angry, Toy Dolls worked within the esthetics of punk to express a sense of fun, with songs such as "Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead", "My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar" and "James Bond Lives Down Our Street." There is often alliteration in their song titles (e.g. "Peter Practice's Practice Place", "Fisticuffs in Frederick Street", "Neville is a Nerd").

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Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys are a hardcore punk/punk rock band from San Francisco, California. During the 1980s the band gained a large underground following in the international punk music scene. Their music mixed the more experimental elements of English 1970s punk with the raw energy of the 1980s American scene. Dead Kennedys' songs mix the deliberately shocking lyrics of punk with a satirical and sarcastic left-wing commentary on social and political issues.

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