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Desorden Público

Desorden público (could also be spelled Desorden Publico) is a ska/rock band from Venezuela. The band's music mixes ska, latin rock, reggae and other more traditional latin styles. The group's lyrics are known for commenting on Venezuela's and Latin America's politics and society.

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Onda Vaga

Onda Vaga begins in january 2007, in the magic beaches of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay; when Nacho Rodríguez and Marcelo Blanco (former Doris along with Marcos Orellana and Tomás Gaggero (Michael Mike prepare an acoustic set (acoustic guitar, cuatro, trumpet, cajon) with their own songs to play some gigs during their vacations. In may 2007, back in Argentina, a new member joins the group: Germán Cohen (Satélite Kingston, Orquesta de salón www.

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Rob G

If there’s one thing Houston rapper Rob G. has in this world, it’s experience. From appearing on MTV in a Roc-A-Fella sponsored rhyme battle against the nations Top Battle Rappers like Wreckognize and TJ Swann to escaping death in a drug deal gone wrong to witnessing the death of his father at the age of 12, this artist’s life has been nothing short of breathtaking. Another thing Rob G. has, that comes as a direct result of said experiences, is superior mic skills. Hailing from a city where game and affiliations at times trump verbal dexterity and lyricism, Rob G.

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The Resplendents

Leeds based 8-piece The Resplendents formed in 2005 out of a desire to make new music the old way. With rich vocal harmonies, twin saxes and a rhythm section inspired by the funk and soul of Detroit & Memphis the band are unique amongst their contemporaries. Live performances mix the passion of James Brown, the spirit of Dexy’s, and the big sound of Arcade Fire whilst also embracing a more tender sound inspired by Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb.

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