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Ghostwood are an alternative rock band formed in Sydney, Australia in 2006. Ghostwood members are Gabriel Navidzadeh (lead vocals), Paddy Harrowsmith (guitar), Tom Crandles (bass), and James West (drums). Still in high school, the band were signed to Modular in late 2006 for a one EP deal and are heavily influenced by bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. The band used to be called The Ghosts, but changed their name to Ghostwood "because 7 million other bands already have the name 'Ghosts'".

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Dave Weckl

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, January 8th, 1960, to a mother who loved music and a father who played the piano as a hobby, Dave started playing drums around the age of 8. During his high school years he received many awards from the NAJE (National Association of Jazz Educators) for his outstanding performances in his high school's competition winning jazz band, and was involved with numerous local groups from a very early age while studying with St.

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(1) reflekt is a Danish band, mainly located in Roskilde. The band consists of 7 members. They play soothing music with religious lyrics. In 2006 they self-released the EP 'Grace Falling'. In 2008 they released their self-eponymous debut album through the record company Rock 'n' Soul. (2) Reflekt is a dance music outfit from England. The act consists of DJ/remixer/producers Seb Fontaine and Jay Peake (aka Jay P.), with Delline Bass doing vocals.

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Mary Kelly

From their myspace -
"Mary Kelly...we are a five-piece that blend scream vocals with anything that doesnt work. We are unconventional, ugly and no-one is going to like us. Band practise is a laugh and we enjoy playing together so we will keep doing it. We all work full-time. We all drink stupid amounts and we all kill our friends and are out to have a fucking great time...which we do. Just come and watch us, we know we suck, we know you hate us, but lets hate eachother through the medium of dance and fists."

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Man Ray Sky

The band is in the midst of writing material for an album as well as honing their live performances with which they hope to add a more visual element to their shows. The sound of Man Ray Sky live can be an intense affair, with melodic lullabies brushing up against experimental noise pieces; the two opposing but strangely complementary sides of Man Ray Sky.

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Hailing from the Northwest, Beefy is a massive presence in the nerdcore hip-hop scene. Since 2005, Beefy has been pushing his positive, pop culture influenced message worldwide, beginning with his debut The Whitesican EP. Never afraid to make references to X-Men comic books or video game vixens, Beefy has also found a way to create his own style backed by pop, rock, and hard powered rap production.

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