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Peggy Sue & The Pirates

The “Sounds Like” section on myspace pages can be a place where some get lost in their own giddy self importance… “oh Early Joy Division, Ella Fitzgerald with a hint of Nico“. Rosa ‘REX’ Slade and Katy ‘KLAW’ Young who together make up Peggy Sue & The Pirates simply proclaim themselves “The best thing you’ve ever heard, prepare to wet your pants“. While they may not be entirely serious in that claim, they’re probably well aware that they are pretty bloody good. Refreshingly, on stage that confidence is laced with nervousness, a hint of amateurishness at times, and lashings of beguiling wit.

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There are several artists using this name: 1) Ultra-hooky, dramatic vocal harmony-drenched tunes. Echoes of the Beatles, Harry Nilsson, the Beach Boys, and Phil Spector are everywhere. Hal go beyond imitation and use their influences, as a good band should, as guides and not blueprints. Tim Sendra-All Music Guide.
Dublin 3-piece, Hal, formed in 2003 and were signed by Jeff Travis to Rough Trade Records in 2004. Their eponymous debut album was produced by Tears for Fears’ Ian Stanley, and released to critical acclaim in 2005, producing two UK and Irish top 40 chart hits.

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