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Del Amitri

Del Amitri are a Pop-rock guitar band, formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1980. They came together at school as teenagers when Justin Currie (bass and vocals), James Scobbie (guitar and vocals) and Donald Bentley (guitar) formed a band in reaction against the rest of the 'rockers' in the school. The name was chosen deliberately because it didn't mean anything but sounded a bit like someone's name - early Del Amitri did not want to be classified and their existence was kept secret from the rest of the school.

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The vehicle for the pop genius of Joe McAlinden. Joe was previously a member of The Groovy Little Numbers, and recorded for 53rd and 3rd Records of Edinburgh. He has been in Bellshill scene bands with members of Teenage Fanclub, Soup Dragons and The BMX Bandits. They released a mini-album in 1992 on Creation Records called greatest Hits Vol. One. This featured Neil Grant, Raymond Prior and Mark Hughes.

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Eugene Kelly

Eugene Kelly was born on 1965 and is a Scottish musician who was a member of the band The Vaselines and also BMX Bandits and has had a number of solo releases. Eugene Kelly formed The Vaselines in 1986 with Frances McKee and was a member until 1990 when the band split up. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was a fan of the band and two covers of songs by The Vaselines were included on their Incesticide album.

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Butcher Boy

(1)Butcher Boy are from Glasgow in Scotland and have been performing since 1997. The Butcher Boy debut album Profit in Your Poetry was released in 2007 on London-based label How Does It Feel To Be Loved

Their second album, React or Die will be released in early April 2009. website
myspace (2) Dublin based rap artist

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The Wake

There have been at least 3 bands called The Wake, including a Scottish post-punk band, an American goth band and a Finnish death metal band. 1. The Wake were a Scottish post punk and later indie pop band, founded in Glasgow in 1981 by Gerard “Caesar” McInulty (formerly of Altered Images), Steven Allen and Joe Donnelly, who was later replaced by Bobby Gillespie. Steven’s sister Carolyn Allen soon joined, and remained in the band until its end.

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